Sector Limit And Elevation Stakes

Sector Stakes
Figure 3

[3] Lay the gun to engage other target areas on a sector limit. In a primary sector this is accomplished by using the procedure in (21 above; the only difference is that no depression Is allowed for irregularities in the terrain. In a secondary sector when the gun Is mounted or tripod, and the traversing and elevating mechanism is removed, the procedure described in <l) above is used in addition to driving in an additional stake under (he gas cylinder extension to fix the elevation*

c. THE NOTCHED STAKE OR TREE CROTCH TECHNIQUE [Figure 4). The notched stake or tree crotch technique is used with the bipod mounted gun to engage preselected target areas within a sector or to define sector limits. This method is effective in all conditions of visibility and requires a minimum of additional material. To employ this method the following procedure is used:

41) The stock of the weapon is placed in the rests of notched stakes or tree crotches and adjusted to hit desired targets oi to define sector limits.

(21 Shallow trenches or grooves are dug for the bipod feet. These trenches cr grooves ac! as a pivot pcint for the weapon, permitting rotation

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