Shadowtip Method To Find Direction

Figure 1

Poocho Porochut? Figure 7

Figure 1


a. Having found direction, move stick to where the east-west line intersects the north-south line, and set it vertically into the ground. The east-west line now becomes the 6 o'clock line. The west part of the line in-

dicates 6 a. m,, ar.d the east part ia 6 p.m., anywhere on earth, in accordance with the basic rule (par. ic).

b. The north-south line now becomeĀ« the noon ine. The shadow of the stick is an hour hand in the shadow-clock and with it you can estimate the approximate time (similar to the way you read a 24-hour watch), using the noon line and the 6 o'clock line as your guides. Depending on your location and the season, the shadow may move either clockwise or counterclockwise, but this does not alter your manner of reading the shadow-clock.

c, The shadow-clock is not a timepiece in the ordinary sense. It make9 every day 12 unequal "hours" long, and always reads 6 a.m. at sunrise and 6 p.m. at sunset. However, it does provide a satisfactory means of telling "time" in the absence cf properly set watches for such purposes as keeping a rendezvous, estimating the remaining daylight, etc. 12 o'clock shadow-clock time is always true midday, but the spacing of the other hours, compared to regular clock time, varies somewhat with the locality and date.

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