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I, Personnel ere put Into foxholea down range with silhouette« on polee. These foxholea must "be dug deep enough to afford the operator protection. The range from firing point to target vlU be determined by your training program.

J. Personnel firing mske up the deelped position. When ready the range officer blowe a whistle and all targete are expoeed to the flrer. The flrer engagee targets in hie lane. After a designated time a elgnal Is given and targets are lowered. All targets when hit will be lowered Immediately.

3. Soorlag ihay be accomplished by allowing so many points for each target hit and eo many points for ssch unexpended round.

e. Close Comtmt Range. Flrer le put oa firing line and targets are expoeed for ehort periods of time. Flrer engagee target upon lia appearance end Is acored for hits and handling of weapon.

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a. DHcM*U*aj 4««p and vide faoag?) to ohtale «wffleleaâ BU fa* tofldUg I fir lag poeiUoM, («2) ail ditch«« CraUxd to right or Uft of b. rirlacpoattaxu *lmM md gra<fed to parait drainage ml deer ft aide of Ore lo Um target lias, fro« the pnae poelt rigwe U

1. This range may be used by Individual flrers or a email patroL Targets are placed eo they become exposed as the trainee rounds a bead or passes e thicket, etc. He will engage the target aa soon as he observes It,

2. Trainee is eoored on hie detection, accuracy, and handling of weapon

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