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Fig. 105

excess wood, snap handguard into position on rifle, and round off top of patch with cabinet file. Smooth up with sandpaper and oil to march rest: of guard. This job will be further improved by checking the upper side of guard in a strip half an inch wide, or by scoring it lengthwise with the line spacer.

SPLIT GRIP. When a rifle stock is cracked at rear of tang, the best thing to do is to get a new stock. A temporary repair may be made by forcing the crack open aa far as possible with a thin bladed chisel, and squeezing in some du Pont cement. Clamp stock firmly in vise until cemcnt dries, then drill through stock from side ro side and insert a 1/8 inch brass screw. Countersink the head, and also countersink on other side and set up a small nut as tightly as possible. Cut off end of screw and rivet slightly to prevent nut turning. If a high power rifle having considerable recoil it is ad-visible also to wrap the grip with wire, and solder the wire, as already described, or at least to wrap it tightly with surgeon's adhesive tape. A roll of this tape an inch wide should always be carried in the field kit for temporary repairs.

After repairing the break the next thing is to remove the cause. Don't expect a stock to fit if the action is able to exert a splitting effect every time the gun is fired. First scrape the inside of all action cuts dean, then coat the action with lampblack and oil and fit into place. Relieve all pressure at sides, particularly the rear, by cutting

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