f. Skadow Up mgttod tor flodlng dlrsctlos: Drive a itiiu so that tl least or any other tool, dlg a bolo to crawl Uto aad Mt flr« to tba grsas.- Tika every three fset oí it 1« aber« the ground. Mark th» Up of tba ahadow it casts. Walt precautlon not to get buroed by flr« or asphyxlated by «moka, íor a whJlc--lO minuto» 1» long enough— and mark tb» «pot wbere th» típ of th» VIH

ahadow la theo rwtlng. A Une drawn between th» two marta will alway» polet P- Th» >mgl» prende» muy blding place». You may hare to use them.

aortji. Bemhoo tMokete are «acelltuL Because of th» natura of bamboo, yon caa&ot be epproeehed wtthoot belng alertad by tbe notse of dry bamboo.

Figure 4. Siadov Tip Method.

•In north temperate tone, this direction will be true north. Id south temperate xooe. this direction will be south.

g, Study tbe map. Determine the slope of the land to guide on. Notice all large waterway». People ueually lire and travel on the waterway».

h. Determine the direction In which you wish to go, mors la one directloe, but not neceeearily In a straight line. Pick a linear objective, not a point objective, as it is easier to locate. Avoid obstacles — don't fight them. Take advantage of natural cover and ooncealmeoL Blundering through jungle and wooded araaa l*ads to bruise», acratchee, and quick exhaustion.

1. Check bearings often. Road« and trails can be used to guide on« but never travel on th«*m. Stay alert. Native» remain on trails by preference. A few feet from tbe trail you are usually quits safe. Conceal yourself upon the approach of any other persoa until he passes or until you determine whether or not be Is friendly.

1. Tbe easiest traveling Is often on the crests of ridges. Remember, however, that crests are more exposed than hillsides, and because of ease of travel, they are apt to be traveled more frequently than other area«.

k. Rivers or streams can make good roada but remember that the majority oI native vlllagaa and encampments are on water. Rafta attract attention. Floating oc or close to a log or drifting hush may be the almplest way to traveL Keep to the middle of the stream. If using a native boat« sink it during periods when not in use.

L When close to known memy locations, move right after sunset or Just before sunrise when there is sufficient llgbt to enable 70a to avoid enemy Installations, ml as fields, sentries, etc., but dark enough to prevent recognition by ihe enemy. Arrange your clothing, weapons, etc., 10 present a profile as similar as poealble to the natives of the area.

m. Be quiet« noise earrles far and natives are alert to any strange noise. Bury your refuse. If tha enemy tads sign of your preeeoce, It may lead to your capture.

a. Do not eleep near your fire or your water easily» Oat far enough away lo b» ooncealed.

o. ITloetlngrass that la so tall that you cannot see over It, as alastrseort out down enough to give you aomo freedom of movement and, using your machete q. When approaching camp, use extra precaution, for the camp Is probably being walo bed.

r. At all times when hiding or remaining In owe Location tor a period of time, ha ear» to plan more than om exit.

•« Get to knows friendly village as soon as possible. Avoid all others except as a last resort. His difficult tor a person unfamiliar with the Jungle to live 1» It without native assistance.

b. Before entering any strange village, whether it I* friendly or not, conceal your weapons. If It Is an enemy village, weapons win be taken from you. If It Is a friendly village, joe can always go back and get them from where th»y are hidden.

0« Many of the jungle diseases are Insect borne. Use Insect repellent freely. If available.

d. 'Take time to repair your clothes. B helps to prevent insect bites sod further tearing of clothes.

e. Examine yewr surroundings carefully. Mary of your needs are there. Thorns broken from bamboo or trees can be used for needle«. Strip» of rises can be made Into thread. H yon need rope, vines will do. Your food and shelter, la fact yoer life, may depend on your ability to make use of things that are all • •round yoe.

L Be oarefuL Do not use trees aad vines to pull yourself up bills as thorns, ante, scorpions, »to., will be cnooostered and make eoree may become infected. Uee a walking stick to posh aslds rlnee aad bus bee.

g Poisonous reptile» and larga mammal» of the Jungle will cause few problems. Given a chance, they will avoid you.

h. If a survival kit Is available most articles are self-explanatory. Some have multiple usee. The waterproof adhesive tape can be used tor temporary repair* to clothing snd moequlto eeU as wsllss covering body wounds. Fish llos can be used tor snares. Three fish hooks, their abaft» tied together with th»lr

books pointing out, can be used 00 the fl»h Una to «car» fl«h, crab», »to. Seed nets can b» aaed as fish nata and anares. A fiah hook faatsnad to a length of Un», baited with flab or meat and left 00 th« »»» »bora or In a field may be used to catch bird»,


a. Show yourself and let the native» approach you.

b. Deal with r»oogaixed headman.

0. Do not approach group».

e. Do not risk being discovered by children.

f. Treat native» well. There 1» much you oaa learn from them.

g. Reepect local cue to ma and manaere.

h. Learn all you can about woodcraft.

1. Take their arfrlce on local hazard«.

j. Merer approach a woman.

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