Two Half Hitches

Figure B3.—Primer made with electric cap and dynamite stick.

ing-cord main line. Make sure that the branch line leaves the main line at an angle of 90'. Leave 6 inches of the running end of the branch line free beyond the tie (fig. 98).

d. Time-fuze connections,—Figure B9 shows how to splice two pieces of time fuze. Make sure the powder train is continuous.

e. Improvising fuze lighter.—To make a fuze lighter when the standard lighter is unavailable, slit the fuze and insert

87 52-53

the head of a match. Keep the match head in contact with the powder train, but allow a bit of the head to protrude. The abrasive side of a match box rubbed against the match will Ignite the fuze (fig. 100).

■ 53. Electric Connections-—a. Cap wires are Insulated by a coating of varnish on the wires and fabric covcr. Figures

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