a. Water la mora Important than food. If to« hare no water, do not eat. Check all driaklng water for leeches and other small aquatic arJmaJa.

b. Indian woUa. la dry areas, water can usually be found b> digging a hole two or three feat daep in the bottom of dried up streams and river bads. When water has toan obtained, camouflage holt.

e. Boiled or uatreated water.

(1) Many vises have water la them, Tha vina should te out through. What t hick is out 1b tha vine about thro« feat abort tha original eut» i poublt liquid will drip tul. Do not apply flat le Up«. Avoid say rioa, plant, or trtt with milky Juica aa maty art poisonous. Water can bt found at the bat« of the via-«

leavet of palm»; or In sections of dead bamboo {aee fljure 7). A section oi bamboo placed against a tres will rollect water during; rain. Moisture collect* under leavea In the dry weanon. Rub these with a cloth or other absorbent material, aquecze it out Into container.

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