d. Fleh. There Is no ruls to determine edible fish. Avoid all strange or oddly shaped fleb. Only those mussels, clams, oysters, etc., that are found underwater at low tide arev«jLfe. Salt water fish and shell fish can be eaten safely raw. Do not eat the eggs or intestines of any fleh. Salt water aaails come ln all Use« end shapes. All are good to eat. Avoid cone sneils and tare-bra. Some have poisonous stings that can be fatal. Never eat freah water flah without cooking or when the fieefa is soft or the eye sunken for they sire undoubtedly diseased.

Figure 9. A simple deadfall using a figure 4 trigger.

(2) At the aea shore, drinkahle but brackish water can be procured by digging a bole tea feet above the high tide line.

(3) if water is scarce, travel during coolest part of day or during night.

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