Rest during hesl of day. By doing this, the water content of the body is oon-eerved.

(1) riah ara attracted to light. If th« area la safe, uao torch«« at night to attract th« ilah. A headnet made la a circular form by threading with bamboo or strueg oe a crotciiad stick wlU maka a dip n«t. ?lah in ponde or at th« edgn of th« beach can be driven Into th« • hallow» by flailing th« waUr arith hand« or vtn-11

brash. Clean flab Immediately when caught. IX you are In a group, work together to drive the fieti and to net them. Help each other.

(2) Do not try to preserve meat or fleh for any length of time. Ia tropic» flesh of aay kind epolla rapidly unleea dried or araoked.

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