a. If larger game has been killed, the etotnach or akin caa be made into a cooking vessel after being cleaned. Fasten three strings into holes made In the top of the wall of the open stomach or akin pouch and tie to the epex of a tripod made of sticks. Fill with water, which can be brought to a boll by putting In fire-heated atones, If sticks are not available aad If the ground le not too we< or stony, the akia or stomach pouch can be uaad aa a liner for a hole In tha ground. Then QU with water and place fire-heated atones late It b. Meat and fish can be stuck onto a sharpened green a tick and roasted over a fire.

o. Small animals and birds can be roasted easily. Draw akin them and wrap In leaves, clay, or mud. Bury in a pit. the bottom of which le lined with heated stones. Fill pit arith dirt la ths morping whan the pit le opened, you will find the meat wall oooked and bit. Larger gams caa be prepared the same way by cutting into small pieceĀ«.


Figure 15. Simple crane.


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