Watch Method

Figure 3

4. OWENDOFF WATCH METHOD - A watch used in conjunction with shadow-clock time (par. 2b) serves to "store up11 the direction obtained by the Shadow.Tip Method (par. Ic). Having made a shadow-clock, merely set your watch to the time It Indicate«. Now proceed as before by pointing the hour Hand toward the sun (Figure J). Your approximate north-south line will lie halfway between the hour har.d and 12 o'clock on the dial. Observe the basic rule for shadow-tip movement (par. 1c) when you set the watch to shadow-clock time, and you will never confuse north for south.

This will avoid the 10*mlnute wait required to complete each subsequent shadow-tip reading ior direction, and thereby permit you to take as many instantaneous readings as are reeded to avoid "circling. ° After traveling an hour or so, take a shadow-clock reading and re-set your watch if necessary. 4J

The direction obtained by the Owandoff Watch Mslhod is the same as that of the regular Shadow-Tip Method by u«ing a stick. That is. the accuracy of both methods is Identical.

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