TA-WPT telephone must be connected In a series circuit (Figure 5). The two end phones are connected the same as In a parallel circuit, or each conductor to a line binding post. The remaining squad telephones are connected in series (Figure 6). To connect these, take one of the conductors (it makes no difference which one)« cut it. strip off approximately I/2-inch of the insulation on each part ol tie conductor, then slip another 1 /2-inch of the insulation to the tip of che barec wire to hold the strands together. Attach one side of the cut conductor to one line binding post, the other tide oi the cut conductor to the other line binding post, and the telephone is connected In series.

3. All telephone* must be connected properly. Li one telephone ll not connectcd correctly« the entire system will not work. The system should be paralleled by radio whenever possible.

4. This act-up can be ussd as a simulated radio net for practice work on radio/telephone procedure.


Figure 5

Figure 6

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