7 reasons why you should buy a gun safe

With great power comes great responsibility. And one of the most powerful items you can own is a gun.   Indeed when it comes to gun safety the buck stops with you the gun owner. Thus, safe gun storage will be crucial.

The best implement of gun storage has to be the gun safe. There may be other ways of securing your firearm but none is better than the gun safe. After all this is an instrument that is designed specifically for keeping your guns safe, hence its name.

But is a gun safe really a necessity or more of a luxury you can do without? While there are those who consider it more of a luxury, truth is a gun safe is a necessity. Here are 7 reasons why you should buy one.

Keep your children safe

It is estimated that over 200 children died in 2015 as a result of accidents involving firearms. Thus the number one reason to own a gun safe is to protect your children. The best gun safe under 500 uses sophisticated locking mechanisms. This includes keypads and fingerprint scanners.

This means only you can have access to your firearms while they are inside a safe. Your children may try but they will not be able to access your gun. Gun safes are designed to be impenetrable to unauthorized users.

Keep your guns protected

So, what if you do not have children should a gun safe still be a necessity? The answer yes. Accidents are unpredictable and you never know when your home will catch fire (not that it will). Some of the Best gun safes under 1000 are fireproof and will protect your firearms from the flames.

In addition, your fireproof safe can also be used to store essential documents. This means that in case of a fire incident your most prized possessions will be safe.

Keep your guns safe from theft

Guns like most other things in your possessions cost money. A basic handgun costs between $300 and $350. This is a lot of money and it can go up to $500 when you add the cost of ammunition.

As such, a gun is a valuable investment which you cannot afford to lose. A gun safe will ensure no intruder or burglar is able to steal your gun or guns. Furthermore, the last thing you want is a burglar stealing your weapon to further his criminal agenda.

A requirement by insurance companies

While a gun safe keeps your guns safe from damage and theft, they are still vulnerable to damage. Thus it may be a good idea to insure your valuable firearms. To do this some insurance companies will require a gun safe certification.

Thus in order to be fully covered some insurance companies will require you to buy a certified gun safe to store your weapon.

Comply with the laws

There are numerous laws on gun safety and they vary from state to state. In most states, you will be required to lock your gun in a safe place. These laws do not always specific a gun safe but what better way is there.

Also, in some states locking your gun while traveling is a requirement. This is where a portable gun safe for your vehicle will come in handy. In addition, 27 states have laws requiring gun owners to have gun safes for the protection of children.

Quick access

While gun safes are designed to be impenetrable, they are easy to open for authorized persons. As the gun safe owner, it will be easy to access your firearms. Thus, they offer an easy way to access your firearm when you need it.

Whether you are in a vehicle or at home how fast it is for you to access your gun in case of an emergency can be the difference between life and death. Safes offer fast access without compromising on the security of your family members.

To avoid lawsuits

Did you know you can be sued for poor handling or storage of your firearm? Things can get particularly bad in the case of an accident. To avoid getting yourself entangled in a legal suit that might not end well for you, get yourself a safe.

The price of most gun safes cannot be compared to the price you will be forced to pay in the event of a lawsuit.

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