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Surprisingly enough, many prescnt-dav shooters prefer the original long trigger and old-style flat mainspring housing and will invariably 'demodem-ize' a new gun by substituting old-style parts for the new!

Target shooting with the 'as issued' Service pistol can be disappointing if the various moving parts are not precisely fitted and adjusted. In racetrack terminology, the .45 Colt pistol is a 'mudder' designed to function reliably witn a good deal of foreign matter in its mechanism. The necessarily wide clearances between moving parts are desirable in a military but un

How Rifling Machine Working

3 Remove plug and recoil spring. If spring does not come free easily, rotate A Rotate barrel bushing counter-clockwise until plug in counter-clockwise direction to separate plug from recoil spring ^ disengaged from slide. Remove barrel bushing

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