Locking Block Action

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taining pin (44) at A from breechbolt, remove firing pin (43), spring (45), and locking block. NOTE: Fore-end support assembly at B should slide easily to rear of action bar when fore-end is reassembled on gun.

Well-designed, reliable, and possessing excellent handling qualities, the Model 1100 is the world's most popular gas-operated autoloading shotgun.

Remington 1100 Action Bar Sleeve

7 Action bar can be disassembled from action bar sleeve after removing action bar from receiver. Insert small tool under lip of bar at A. Pry up until bar disassembles from sleeve. Snap down on bar to reassemble on sleeve. In reassembly, guide breechbolt and action bar carefully in receiver until contact is made with feed latch. Depress feed latch; then, continue pushing breechbolt into receiver. Release latch, and make certain that rear of action bar aligns properly with front of link.

Rem 1100 Piston Seal Assembly

8 Barrel seal at A. piston at B. and piston seal at C in proper position on magazine tube. Barrel seal must position easily in recess of tube at D. Open action slightly when reassembling seals and piston on magazine tube.

Breech Block Assembly

9 To replace barrel, open action. Align gas cylinder on middle of barrel over magazine tube; then, insert breech end of barrel in receiver. Align long slot at A on barrel with barrel lock (stud) at B in receiver. Slide barrel fully into receiver. Replace fore-end and magazine cap. Screw cap down tightly. ■

Shotgun Choke Patterns ChartShotgun Choke Patterns Chart

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