Bernardelli Model Pistol


Produced by the well-known firm of Vincenzo Bernardelli in Gardone V.T., Italy, the Bernardelli Model 60 semi-automatic pistol is designed for informal target shooting and self defense. This modern blowback-operated arm was introduced in 1959. It is made in .22 long rifle and .32 ACP calibers and was also formerly offered in cal. .380 ACP.

The Model 60 is handsome and of simple construction. It has a V/i" barrel attached rigidly to a black-finished lightweight alloy frame. The slide is blued steel, and houses the barrel and recoil spring. Both sights are integral with the slide which is serrated along the top to reduce glare.

Located on the left side of the frame behind the trigger, the manual safety is convenient to operate with the thumb. Other safeties are a half-cock position of the exposed hammer, and a maga zine safety which prevents firing when the magazine is removed. What appears to be a safety on the left rear of the frame is actually a takedown catch.

The large, well-proportioned black plastic grips are checkered on the sides and rear. A curved piece integral with the black plastic magazine base serves as a rest for the little finger and contributes to ease of handling.

Well made and reliable, the Model 60 is an excellent pistol. It is also produced in long-barrel versions fitted with target-style sights, but these are not often encountered.

Browning Pistol Body

15. Ejector

16. Ejector pin

17. Hammer pin

18. Takedown-catch screw

19. Hammer-spring housing stop

20. Hammer

21. Magazine body

22. Hammer strut

23. Hammer plunger

24. Hammer spring

25. Magazine follower

26. Left grip

27. Magazine safety

28. Magazine-safety spring

29. Magazine-safety pin

30. Trigger

31. Trigger bar

32. Trigger-bar spring

33. Trigger-bar spring screw

34. Sear spring

35. Sear pin

36. Sear

37. Takedown-catch spring

38. Takedown catch

39. Manual safety

40. Manual-safety screw

41. Magazine-catch stop

42. Hammer-spring housing pin

43. Hammer-spring housing

44. Magazine catch

45. Magazine-catch spring

46. Magazine spring

47. Magazine-spring plate

48. Magazine base

Parts Legend

1. Extractor

2. Extractor spring

3. Extractor pin

4. Firing-pin retainer

5. Slide

6. Firing-pin spring

7. Firing pin

8. Magazine-follower button

11. Recoil spring

12. Frame

13. Barrel pin

14. Barrel


1 Begin field-stripping the Model 60 by moving manual safety (39) up to safe position. Push back magazine catch (44) and remove magazine. Draw slide (5) fully rearward to clear chamber. Hold takedown catch (38) depressed and pull slide rearward %". Then, lift rear of slide and ease forward off frame (12). Remove recoil spring (11). This is sufficient takedown for normal cleaning. Position tightest coil of recoil spring to rear in reassembly.

O For further disassembly, drift out ^ firing-pin retainer (4) to release firing pin (7) and spring (6). Drift out extractor pin (3), and remove extractor (1) and its spring (2). Extractor pin must not protrude from bottom of slide on replacement.


3 Unscrew grip screws (10) and remove grips (9) (26). Remove manual-safety screw (40) and lift off manual safety. Unhook trigger-bar spring (32) from trigger bar (31). Unscrew trigger-bar spring screw (33) and remove trigger-bar spring. Pull trigger-bar from frame. Draw trigger (30) forward and remove through trigger guard. Grasp hammer (20) firmly and push arm of sear (36) to the rear. Ease hammer fully forward.

BernardelliBernardelli Mod

6 To dismount magazine, depress spring plate (47) with punch inserted through hole in magazine base (48). Slide base partially forward. Then, place thumb over spring plate as base is removed. Ease spring plate and spring (46) from magazine body (21). Unscrew follower button (8) and slide follower (25) out through bottom of magazine body.

7 Cutaway indicates relationship between parts. Pistol is shown loaded and cocked. Parts are number keyed to parts legend. ■

4 Unhook arms of sear spring (34) from sear and frame, and pry the spring upward out of its frame grooves. Drift out sear pin (35) and remove sear. Drift out hammer-spring housing stop (19) with 1/16" diameter pin punch. Hold hammer-spring housing (43) to rear while removing punch, then allow housing to pivot slowly forward into the magazine well until spring tension is relieved. Remove hammer strut (22), plunger (23), and spring (24).

5 Drift out hammer pin (17) and remove hammer. Drift out magazine-catch stop (41) and remove magazine-catch spring (45). Hammer-spring housing and magazine catch are released by removing hammer-spring housing pin (42). Unscrew takedown-catch screw (18) to release takedown catch and spring (37). Reassemble in reverse. Angled cut on spring housing faces toward rear of frame. Assembly of hammer group is eased if hammer spring is tensioned with hammer in full-cock position.

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Trigger

3. Trigger spring

4. Connector

5. Sear

6. Sear spring

7. Sear pin

8. Safety

9. Magazine safety

10. Magazine latch

11. Magazine latch spring

12. Magazine latch pin

13. Magazine assembly

14. Grip, left (right grip not shown)

15. Grip screw

16. Grip escutcheon (contained in right grip)

17. Slide

18. Extractor

19. Extractor pin

20. Extractor spring

21. Barrel

22. Firing pin

23. Firing pin spring

24. Cocking indicator assembly

25. Recoil spring assembly

Indicator Assembly

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