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Armalite AR


The AR-7 Explorer rifle was introduced in 1960 by Armalite, Inc., Costa Mesa, Calif. Chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge, regular or high velocity, this blowback-operated, semiautomatic rifle has an aluminum alloy receiver and a plastic buttstock in which the barrel and action can be stowed when not in use.

Of composite steel and aluminum construction, the 16" barrel is secured to the receiver by a knurled nut, made to be tightened or loosened with the fingers. Cartridges are fed from a detachable box magazine holding 8 rounds.

With butt cap in place on the stock, the AR-7 rifle will float in water in both stowed and assembled condition. It weighs 2 lbs. 14 ozs. and its assembled length is 35 W.

The AR-1 rifle is also available with solid walnut stock.


1. Front sight

2. Front sight roll pin

3. Barrel

4. Barrel nut

5. Bolt

6. Firing pin roll pin

7. Extractor

8. Extractor spring

9. Charging handle

10. Extractor roll pin

11. Firing pin

12. Bolt action springs (2)

13. Bolt spring guide

14. Receiver

15. Safety

16. Safety ball detent

17. Rear sight screw

18. Rear sight

19. Safety snap ring


20. Magazine

21. Trigger

22. Trigger spring support pin

23. Magazine latch

24. Magazine latch spring

25. Ejector

26. Hammer and trigger spring

27. Hammer

28. Hammer pivot pin

29. Receiver side plate

30. Receiver side plate screw

31. Stock

32. Stock takedown screw

33. Stock takedown screw nut

34. Nut roll pin

35. Stock butt cap

Ar7 MechanismFiring Pin AssemblyAr7 Action Spring Guide

IThe AR-7 is easy to assemble and take down. Remove stock butt cap (35) and withdraw barrel, receiver assembly, and magazine. Insert rear of receiver (14) into its corresponding slots in front of stock (31). Turn stock takedown screw (32) in base of pistol grip until it threads into receiver and locks the 2 together.

4 To remove bolt, first cock gun and remove charging handle. Insert a finger into receiver and press bolt back slightly to free it; then ease it out through front of receiver. When replacing bolt, be sure plastic rods on bolt spring guide (13) slide inside bolt action springs (12); then push bolt in and replace cocking handle.

Manual Book Bolt Action Disassembly

2 After stock and receiver have been assembled, barrel can be installed. When joining barrel (3) to receiver, be sure key on barrel lines up with slot in receiver. Then push them together and thread barrel nut (4) over receiver until it is hand tight.

3 The charging handle (9) must be pushed crosswise into bolt when receiver is stowed in stock. The charging handle can only be removed when barrel is out. Insert a finger or dowel into front of receiver. Push bolt (5) back slightly until charging handle lines up exactly with circular cutout in receiver, and then pull charging handle out.

5 To expose the mechanism, first uncock gun; then remove receiver side plate screw (30) and receiver side plate (29). Before removing internal parts, unhook hammer and trigger spring (26). When replacing parts, install hammer (27) and hammer and trigger spring; then trigger (21). Hold inside leg of spring up as shown and push trigger spring support pin (22) half way through trigger. Release inside leg of spring and lift outer leg over trigger spring support pin.

6 To adjust rear sight, loosen rear sight screw (17) and move rear sight (18) up or down. R

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