Browning Bar High Power Rifle

The Browning semi-automatic centcrfire rifle was a spin-off of Fabrique National's (FN) development of military weapons. It has a gas-operated mechanism with a rotating bolt head which engages shoulders in the rear of the barrel. Its box magazine can. but need not. be detached from the hinged floorplate for loading. M. Ernest Vervier was its principal designer.

When introduced in 1967. the rifle was availabe in Grades 1 (no engraving) and 11 (light engraving) chambered only for the .30-"06 cartridge. The following year, chamberings included .243 Win., .270 Win., .308 Win.. 7 mm Rem. Mag.. .300 Win. Mag., and .338 Win. Mag. Browning's 1971 catalog showed the more elaborately decorated Grades 111 to V. Grades II. Ill and V were discontinued in 1975.

Since 1976, Browning semi-automatic center-fire rifles have been assembled at an FN facility in Portugal. The .338 Win.

Mag. chambering was dropped at that time. In 1979. Grades I. Ill and IV were offered. Engraving differs between the standard and magnum versions. It also varies over the years within a grade. The 1979 Grade HI depicts Bighorn rams and bull elk on the sides of its receiver. The original Grade 111 showed deer and antelope heads.

When chambered for magnum cartridges, the Browning semiautomatic rifle is supplied with a recoil pad and a 24" barrel. Barrels for standard cartridges are 22" long.

Browning refers to this semi-automatic hunting rifle as the "BAR", which has caused confusion with the selective-lire Model 1918 military rifle of that name. The Model 1918 BAR (Browing Automatic Rifle) was designed by John M. Browning (1855-1926) and was a mainstav weapon of U.S. troops in World Wars I and II.

Browning Automatic Rifle

Browning Grade I Magnum autoloading rifle above is distinguished by its recoil pad, 24" barrel and plain (no engraving) receiver. Its three-round detachable box magazine snaps onto the hinged floorplate. In standard calibers, the rifle is supplied with a 22" barrel, black plastic buttplate and a four-round magazine.

Parts Legend

1. Action bar—right or left

2. Action spring

3. Action spring guide

4. Barrel

5. Bolt

6. Bolt cover

7. Bolt sleeve

8. Buffer

9. Buffer plate

10. Butt plate

11. Butt plate screws

12. Butt stock 13 Cam pin

14. Disconnector

15. Disconnector pin

16. Disconnector spring

17. Disconnector spring plunger

18. Ejector

19. Ejector retaining pin

20. Ejector spring

21. Extractor

22. Extractor spring

23. Firing pin

24. Firing pin retaining pin

25. Firing pin spring

26. Forearm

27. Forearm escutcheon

28. Gas cylinder

29. Gas piston

30. Gas piston stop pin

31. Gas regulator

32. Gas regulator gasket

33. Hammer

34. Hammer pin

35. Inertia piece

36. Magazine body

37. Magazine floorplate

38. Magazine floorplate pivot pin

39. Magazine floorplate spring

40. Magazine follower

41. Magazine follower spring

42. Magazine follower rivet

43. Magazine latch

44. Magazine latch spring

45. Magazine latch spring plunger

46. Magazine latch stop pin

47. Magazine retaining spring

48. Magazine retaining spring pin

49. Mainspring—right or left

50. Mainspring guide—right or left

51. Mainspring pin—hammer

52. Mainspring pin—trigger guard

53. Operating handle

54. Operating handle lock

55. Operating handle lock pin

56. Operating handle lock spring

57. Receiver

58. Safety cross-bolt

59. Safety spring

60. Safety spring plunger

61. Safety spring retaining pin

62. Sear

63. Sear pin

64. Sight bead, front

65. Sight hood, front

66. Sight ramp, front

67. Sight assembly, rear

68. Sling eyelet, front

69. Sling eyelet washer

70. Sling eyelet, rear

71. Stock bolt

72. Stock bolt washer

73. Stock bolt plate

74. Support rail—right or left

75. Telescope mount filler screws

76. Timing latch

77. Timing latch retaining pin

78. Trigger

79. Trigger pin

80. Trigger guard ft

Reliable functioning of the mechanism requires that the gas system be kept clean. The following procedure is recommended:

Close the magazine floorplate and pull the operating handle (53) rearward until the bolt locks in its open position. Remove the front sling eyelet (68) with small wrench. Grasp the forward end of the forearm (26) and pull it away from the barrel carefully until resistance is felt. Then slide the forearm forward and off.

Benelli Inertia Bolt

Close the bolt and pull the support forward ends away from the rotmd rails (74) forward from their slots in connecting studs on the inertia piece the receiver (No. 1). The action bars (35). forward out of the receiver

Remove gas regulator (31) from ened in the gas cylinder, and care the front end of the gas cylinder (No. must be taken to engage the wrench

3) with a V wrench. The gas securely, regulator will be very securely tight-

Browning Bar Gas Regulator

Pull the inertia piece back toward the receiver until rear face of the gas piston (29) can be pushed forward out of the gas cylinder with a small punch (No. 4). An extremely dirty gas system may require driving the gas piston forward with a hammer and drift punch. Extreme care must be used to avoid scoring the parts. If the gas piston will not move with moderate force, put nitro-solvent around the piston, wait about 15 minutes, and try to push it out with the drift punch. If the piston still will not move, put more nitro-solvent on it and allow it to set overnight.

Cleaning Browning Bar Safari

Grasp the receiver and pull the end of the action spring guide can action spring guide (3) forward then be moved to one side (No. 5).

toward gas cylinder until it is clear of then rearward to remove it with the its recess in the receiver. The rear action spring (2) and inertia piece.

Mossberg 935 Gas Cylinder Assembly

Residues in the gas cylinder and on the gas piston should be thoroughly removed with nitro-solvent or bore cleaner. Heavy residues can be removed by scrubbing the gas cylinder with a 20-ga. bronze wire bore brush and solvent.

The gas piston, gas cylinder, and other parts of the gas system should be wiped with a very lightly oiled cloth after cleaning. The gas cylinder interior and the gas piston should not be oiled beyond this.

Reassembly is the reverse of the disassembly procedure. The action spring, action spring guide, and inertia piece are replaced first. The gas piston is then placed into the front of the gas cylinder and pushed rearward over the end of the action spring guide. The small guide pin at the rear of the gas cylinder must be engaged in the lengthwise groove on the rear of the gas piston. If properly oriented in the gas cylinder, the gas piston may be pushed partially out of the rear of the cylinder when the inertia piece is pulled rearward.

The gas regulator is then screwed into the front of the gas cylinder. It must be very securely tightened with the wrench.

The action bars and support rails are replaced next. The projecting section of each action bar is carefully placed in its corresponding slot in the bolt before the hole in its forward end is placed over the stud on the inertia piece. It may be necessary to pull the inertia piece slightly rearward to engage the action bars. The support rails are then installed.

Reassembly is completed by locking the bolt in its open position and replacing the forearm. Be very careful, since it can be split if forced into position incorrectly. It is retained by replacing the front sling eyelet. Further disassembly is not required for ordinary cleaning. A buffer plate and magazine latch spring plunger will be found only on rifles of early production.

To remove the bolt assembly and firing mechanism, take off the forearm. support rails and action bars as previously described. Close the bolt. Then remove the buttplate (10) and unscrew the stock bolt (71) to take off the butt stock (12).

Screw the stock bolt into the stock bolt plate (73). Using the stock bolt as a handle, slide the stock bolt plate up out of engagement with the trigger guard. Then tilt the plate up into the receiver and pull it out rearward. The trigger guard assembly will then slide out straight to the rear.

Pull the operating handle rearward until the bolt locking lugs are visible. Slide the bolt cover (6) forward until it covers the rearmost locking lug. Holding the bolt assembly in place, pull the operating handle lock (54) outward. Then slide the operating handle forward and pull it out through the slot in the bolt cover. The bolt assembly is then removed by sliding it to the rear of the receiver, then downward. The bolt cover is removed by sliding it to the rear of the assembly and lifting the side of the cover having the slot for the operating handle.

Further disassembly is not recommended. ■

Browning Bar Disassembly


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