Browning Superposed Shotgun

By Thomas E. Wessel

The Superposed was the last product of the world-famous small-arms designer John M. Browning, and its manufacture was just beginning at the time of Browning's death in 1926. It has proved to be one of the most successful guns of its kind.

Unique, original design features of the Superposed are the single under-bolt, the fore-end which remains attached to the barrels when the gun is taken down, and the trigger. The gun was originally made with the conventional 2 triggers. These were replaced by a "Twin-Single" trigger, a most unusual arrangement of 2 triggers which could be used as conventional triggers

Browning Superposed Over Under

NQT SHQWN stock or either of them as a single trigger. Eventually a single trigger was standardized in which selection of the barrel to be fired is made by moving the safety slide to one side or the other.

The gun has always been made with automatic ejectors.

The Browning Superposed is offered by the Browning Arms Co., Morgan. Utah, in 12-, 20-. and 28-ga. and .410-bore. in a variety of styles, weights, and grades with accessories.

Browning Superposed MechanismMain Spring Hammer Percussion Lock

2 With receiver placed solidly on bench, reach through action with screwdriver to mainspring (42) on far side. Raise mainspring out of its socket in hammer (48 or 49), using near mainspring as fulcrum. Push directly down on mainspring guide (43) and slide it off edge of hammer. Turn action over and repeat for corresponding parts except use locking bolt (33) as fulcrum

Turn gun bottom side up, press back 1 and lift up takedown lever latch (60). Turn gun right side up and push forward on forearm (3), then unlock gun by pushing top-lever (15) right. Lower buttstock and remove barrels (1) from receiver (14). Remove front and rear trigger guard screws (32), buttplate screws (76), and buttplate (75). Using long screwdriver, remove stock bolt (37) together with lockwasher (36) and washer (35). Remove stock. Continue by turning trigger guard (31) one-quarter turn right (see arrow), lift up and away

Browning Twelvette Shotgun

A Continue by removing top and bot-^ torn tang-piece screws (26 and 27, see arrow) and, using a plastic hammer, drive out tang piece from left or right

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