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The Swedish Model 1907 semiautomatic pistol was designed by John M. Browning, the U. S. arms inventor. Chambered for the 9 mm. Browning Long cartridge, this well-made blowback-operated pistol was produced by Fabriquc Nationalc (FN) in Belgium and Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag (Husqvarna Arms Factory, Inc.) in Sweden.

Of concealed-hammer type, the pistol is simple and compact, and has a good grip and balance. It has a detachable 7-round magazine, a manual safety, a grip safety, and a slide stop that holds the slide open after the last cartridge is fired. The grip safety also serves as a cocking indicator, since it projects rearward only when the hammer is cocked.

During World War II, the Model 1907 was superseded in the Swedish Service by Walther and Lahti pistols chambered for the 9 mm. Luger cartridge. However, the Model 1907 was retained for several years as a substitute-standard sidearm.

In the late 1950's, a quantity of Model 1907 pistols was imported into the U.S. and sold as military surplus. Many of these were converted to fire the .380 Automatic cartridge, and were stamped "CAL 380" on the left of the receiver. Converted specimens are accurate but give feeding and ejection malfunctions.

While the 9 mm. Browning Long cartridge is not produced in the U.S., it has been imported by military surplus arms dealers in sufficient quantity for shooting. It has a semi-rim straight case slightly longer than that of the .380 Automatic cartridge. A typical factory load has a 110-gr. round-nose full-jack-eted bullet driven at 1000 feet per sec-

3 Unscrew the grip screw (33), and remove ihe grips (23) and (32). While holding the hammer (20) firmly, pull the trigger (27), and ease the hammer forward. Drift the grip safety pin (28) out to the right, cock the hammer, pivot the safety upward, and lift it from the receiver. Remove the hammer, ejector (15), grip safety (24), hammer spring (25). sear spring (26), and the magazine catch (29). Drift out sear pin (18); remove sear (17). disconnector (16). and trigger.

4 The firing pin (8) and firing pin extension (7) are retained by a long pin (3). Drive this pin out of the slide using the correct-size punch. The extractor (5) is retained by a shorter pin (2). When replacing the retaining pins, be sure they are driven in to proper depth so that they do not drag on the receiver and scar it.

5 In reassembling the lock mechanism, replace the trigger, sear, disconnector, and sear pin. Then install the ejector, engaging the disconnector. Replace the magazine catch, sear spring, hammer spring, and grip safety, and put the hammer in position with the hammer roll behind the hammer spring. Use a punch to align hole in hammer with hole in receiver. Then pull the trigger down, and insert the safety in the receiver part way. Pressing forward on grip safety, align holes in grip safety and receiver using punch and insert pin from right. Cock the hammer, and push safety in all the way.

ond (f.p.s.) muzzle velocity. The muzzle energy is 244 ft. lbs.

ITo disassemble the pistol, first remove the magazine (30) and clear the chamber. Pull back the slide (1) and push the safety (31) upward to engage it with the forward notch in the slide. Turn the barrel (10) 90& to lock it into the slide. While holding the slide, release the safety from the slide notch, and strip the slide, barrel, and recoil spring (13) off the front of the receiver (34). Also remove the slide stop (19) from the receiver.

2 Remove the recoil spring guide (14), and bushing stop (12). To remove the barrel bushing (11), rotate it 180° as shown and lift it free of the slide. Rotate the barrel to free it from the recess in the slide. Then pull the barrel out forward.

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