Butt Plate And Screws Not Shown

41. Striker washer

42. Takedown screw

43. Takedown screw escutcheon

44. Trigger

45. Trigger guard

46. Trigger guard screw

47. Trigger spring

Mossberg Triger Springer PlungerAntique Gun Bolts And Screws

1 To disassemble, lift bolt handle and -L pull bolt rearward to bolt stop. Push safety (29) fully forward (past "fire" position) and remove bolt from receiver.

Eastern Arms Butt Plate

4 Back off housing lock screw (21) one complete turn. Drive out housing pin (20) and remove entire housing assembly from receiver (28). Lift sear and remove trigger spring (47) from housing (19). Push safety pivot pin retaining washer (31) from end of safety pivot pin and remove pin. Carefully unscrew and remove safety retaining screw (34) and safety (29). Safety plunger (32) is under spring load beneath safety. Care should be taken while removing safety that plunger and spring are not allowed to spring free. Lift safety plunger and safety plunger spring (33) from housing. Bolt stop (7) and bolt stop spring (8) may then be removed. Remaining components comprise the trigger housing subassembly. This unit is factory assembled by precision equipment to achieve close tolerances in sear-trigger engagement and to insure proper function of safety. Disassembly of this sub-assembly is seldom necessary and is not recommended.

Screw Extractor For Small Screws

2 Clamp cocking piece (9) in vise jaws and move bolt assembly (4) forward as far as possible. Unscrew and remove bolt from bolt plug (6) and remove striker assembly (38). Pry ends of extractor spring (14) up and away from bolt head (5). Slide extractors (12 & 13) and firing pin (15) out of bolt head.

Extractor Spring Enfield Bolthead

5 Reassemble in reverse order. Bent tab on bottom of safety must fit over flange on bottom of bolt stop (arrow). Adjust housing lock screw until assembly is snug. Bolt stop must work freely in receiver when activated by safety. Make sure that small tab on top of extractor spring faces forward and into firing pin slot on top of bolt head.

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