Butt Stock

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Magazine band bushing

3. Magazine band bushing screw (2)

4. Magazine band

5. Extension

6. Adjusting sleeve

7. Barrel chamber ring

8. Adjusting sleeve lock screw

9. Adjusting sleeve lock

10. Magazine plug screw (2)

11. Magazine plug

12. Magazine locking pin

13. Magazine locking pin spring

14. Magazine plug stop

15. Action slide sleeve screw cap

16. Action slide spring

17. Action slide

18. Magazine tube

19. Magazine follower

20. Magazine spring

21. Action slide lock release plunger pin spring

22. Action slide lock release plunger pin

23. Cartridge guide stop screw

24. Trigger pin

25. Cartridge stop spring (2)

26. Left cartridge stop

27. Right cartridge stop

28. Cartridge stop screw, left

29. Cartridge stop screw, right

30. Action slide hook

31. Firing pin lock screw

32. Extractor, left

33. Extractor pin, left

34. Extractor plunger, right

35. Extractor plunger spring, right

36. Extractor, right

37. Action slide hook screw

38. Firing pin lock spring

39. Firing pin stop pin

40. Breech bolt

41. Firing pin

42. Firing pin lock

43. Trigger

44. Guard bow

45. Trigger stop screw

46. Trigger spring

47. Buttstock bolt

48. Buttstock bolt washer

49. Receiver shank

50. Carrier pin

51. Receiver

52. Ejector spring

53. Ejector spring screw

54. Barrel chamber ring retaining screw (2)

55. Sear spring screw

56. Sear spring

57. Cartridge guide rivet

58. Cartridge guide

59. Mainspring

60. Mainspring pin

61. Cartridge guide friction spring

62. Hammer pin

63. Action slide lock release plunger

64. Sear pin

65. Sear

66. Hammer stirrup pin

67. Hammer stirrup

68. Carrier

69. Carrier pin stop screw

70. Action slide lock spring

71. Action slide lock

72. Action slide lock joint pin stop screw

73. Action slide lock joint pin

74. Action slide lock spring screw

75. Mainspring strain screw

76. Ejector pin

77. Extension stop screw

78. Front sight

79. Buttplate screw (2)

80. Buttplate

81. Hammer

Winchester Takedown 1897

1 Since assembly of Model 1897 from field takedown is a bit more tricky than disassembly, sequence shown is for assembly. First, insure that breech bolt (40) is in battery and carrier (68) is fully up. This will align actuating groove on left side of carrier with corresponding notch on arm of action slide (17). Cutaway view shows action slide arm just prior to engaging groove

Mauser Takedown Interrupted Thread

2 Next (A), turn barrel (1) and assembly 90° left and insert into adjusting sleeve (6) in receiver (51). Then (B), turn barrel assembly 90" downward. Interrupted screw threads will engage ond tighten barrel assembly into receiver assembly

Action Slide Sleeve Screw Cap

3 Push in (A) on magazine plug (11) with magazine locking pin (12) in position shown. This will align threaded portion of magazine tube (18) with corresponding threads in lower half of receiver. Turn (B) the locking pin clockwise to engage threads

Interupted Screw ThreadDisassembly Browning

5 Continue disassembly by removing carrier pin stop screw (69) ^ dropping hammer, ond pushing down carrier. Cock hammer, and drift out carrier pin (50). Remove cartridge guide stop screw (23), ond entire carrier ossembly may be lifted awoy from bottom of receiver

Bolt Action Receivers

6 Disengage breech bolt (40) from action slide hook (30) by unscrewing action slide hook screw (37). Breech bolt together with action slide hook may now be removed, breech bolt from rear of receiver and hook from side or bottom

7 Remove 2 buttplote screws (79) and buttplate (80). Using a long-shanked screw-driver, remove buttstock bolt (47) and buttstock boltwasher (48). Then, with a flat-nosed punch, drift ou1 trigger pin (24). Remove guard bow (44) ond assembly from back end of receiver

Rifling Hook Cutter

Lock magazine assembly into receiver by pressing up on magazine locking pin as shown. Disassemble in reverse order

8 Reassemble Model 1897 in reverse ordor.

When reassembling trigger (43) and trigger spring (46), use a piece of smooth nail (A) as a temporary trigger pin. Cut it to width of guard bow as shown. When this assembly is replaced in receiver and trigger pin reinserted, it will drive out slave pin. This reassembly knack will facilitate operation.—

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