Buttstock Not Shown

1. Roceiver 14.

2. Receiver dummy screws (6) 15.

3. Breech bolt 16.

4. Extractor 17.

5. Rear firing pin retaining pin (long) 18. 5a. Front firing pin retaining pin (short) 19.

6. Front firing pin 20.

7. Rear firing pin 21.

8. Firing pin spring 22.

10. Hammer rod 24.

11. Hammer rod pin 25.

12. Mainspring 26.

13. Mainspring adjusting plate 27.

Hammer screw

Tang screw

Trigger guard plate

Trigger guard plate screw

Trigger guard plate support screw

Carrier rocker

Carrier rocker spring

Carrier rocker rivet


Carrier screw

Locking bolt

Ejector and ejector spring Loading spring Loading spring screw

28. Trigger

29. Trigger pin

30. Sear

31. Trigger safety block

32. Trigger safety block spring

33. Trigger safety block pin

34. Finger lever

35. Finger lever plunger

36. Finger lever plunger spring

37. Finger lever plunger pin

38. Finger lever screw

39. Barrel

40. Rear sight

41. Rear sight elevator

42. Front sight

43. Front band

44. Front band screw

45. Magazine tube

46. Magazine tube follower

47. Magazine tube spring

48. Magazine tube plug

49. Magazine tube plug screw

50. Forearm

51. Rear band

52. Rear band screw

53. Buttplate

54. Buttplate screws (2)

55. Buttstock (not shown)

Lever Action

action closed action partially open

The proper relationship of all parts within the receiver with the action closed, cocked, and properly locked

The finger lever has been opened slightly and the action is no longer locked. Note that when the locking bolt (24) is not in full engagement with the breech bolt (3), due to the finger lever being partially or fully opened, the rear and front firing pins (7 and 6) are not in alignment and a blow of the hammer cannot be transmitted to the front firing pin. Note that, in addition, when the lever is opened only slightly, the trigger safety block (31) drops and the trigger cannot be pulled. Before the gun can be fired, the trigger block must be raised by the fully closed lever and the rear firing pin must b® fully elevated into alignment with the front firing pin by the fully seated locking bolt action closed action partially open

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