By Edward A Tolosky

Model 1899

1. Barrel

2. Receiver

3. Stock (not shown) 3a. Upper Hand Guard

4. Bolt Head

5. Extractor

6. Striker

7. Mainspring

8. Bolt

9. Locking Lever. Bolt Assembly

10. Cocking Piece

11. Striker Retaining Nut

12. Trigger

13. Sear

14. Sear Pin

15. Magazine Catch

16. Magazine Catch Pin

17. Sear and Magazine Catch Spring

18. Ejector. Cartridge

19. Ejector Spring

20. Screw. Ejector Spring

21. Pin. Ejector

22. Bolt Stop

23. Pin. Bolt Stop

24. Pin. Indexing. Bolt Stop

25. Retaining Screw. Indexing Pin

26. Magazine Cutoff Spring

27. Screw. Magazine Cutoff Spring

28. Trigger Pin

29. Trigger Guard

30. Front Screw. Trigger Guard

31. Tang Screw. Receiver

32. Rear Sight

34. Front Sight

35. Front Sight Pin

36. Middle Band

37. Screw. Middle


38. Band Retaining Spring

39. Nose Cap and Bayonet Stud

40. Screw. Nose Cap-Bayonet Stud

41. Front Band with Sling Swivel

42. Ram Rod

43. Retaining Nut. Ram Rod. press fit into stock

44. Screws. Buttplate(2)

45. Buttplate

46. Magazine Assembly

Rotate bolt head 60® counterclockwise and slide out from bolt (see figure C). Remove bolt assembly from receiver.

Disassembly Procedure—Model 1899

Remove magazine assembly by depressing magazine catch. Lift bolt handle and slide bolt rearward approximately one-half the distance of travel. Raise the locking lever slightly (Caution: DO NOT raise more than a 1/32" or the part will snap), and rotate counterclockwise 90° (see figure D). Remove from bolt. Slide bolt rearward and remove from receiver. Bolt head will be engaged by the bolt stop and remains in the receiver. Slide bolt head forward and lift out of receiver.

Disassembly Common to Both Models

To disassemble bolt, place it on a flat surface, preferably a wood block. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the striker. Grasping the bolt body and handle, push down, unscrew striker retaining nut. and slowly relieve tension on the mainspring (see figure E). Remove cocking piece, striker and mainspring from bolt.

Remove ramrod from stock channel, using a small adjustable open-end wrench. Loosen the hex-head screw on the front band (M1899 only) and remove nose cap screw. Tap nose cap and front band from stock. Loosen middle band screw and depress band spring, then slide off middle band. Remove upper hand guard (M1899 only). Remove tang screw and trigger guard screw. Lift out barrel and receiver assembly and lightly tap stock with a rubber mallet to remove trigger guard.

To disassemble trigger guard, drive out trigger pin and lift out trigger. Then drive out sear pin and remove sear. Sear and magazine catch spring will drop out. Drive out magazine catch pin and lift out magazine catch. Remove ejector screw and ejector spring. Drive out ejector pin and lift out magazine cutoff spring. Remove bolt stop retaining screw and indexing pin; drive out bolt stop pin and remove bolt stop.

Do not attempt to disassemble the magazine assembly. Other disassembly is readily apparent.

Reassemble rifle in the reverse order. When reassembling the magazine catch and sear, it is important to maintain the relationship of the sear and the magazine catch spring with respect to the indexing notches on the sear and magazine catch (see figure F). Misalignment of this spring may cause it to crack or block the installation of the trigger guard. If resistance is encountered, gently tap the trigger guard assembly in position. When assembling the trigger to the trigger guard, locate the notch on the trigger above the cutout in the trigger guard.

Edward FitchettRemington 550 Assembly
Figure E
Lee Remington Exploded View


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