By John Doughty

In 1964. Winchester-Western replaced the field grade Model 12 with a lower cost slide-action repeater. the Model 1200.

The Model 1200 is made in 12-, 16-and 20-ga. for field use, 12- and 20-ga. for skeet, and 12-ga. for trap shooting. There is also a 12-ga. 3" magnum field version, and a deer version designed to fire slug loads. While this gun is generally similar to the Model 12 in appearance and operation. it differs considerably in mechanical design.

Among several striking features of the Model 1200 is its bolting system. A short breech ring screwed to the barrel has locking shoulders which are engaged by four locking lugs on the rotarv bolt head. This system is extremely strong.

Another important feature is a disconnector which makes it necessary to release the trigger before pulling it for another shot. This is desirable for safety reasons. There is no inertia slide release. This device in the Model 12 requires that the slide be pushed forward slightly before opening the gun without firing. It is intended to prevent premature opening of the action in the event of a hangfirc. but is not necessarv with todav's relia-

ble ammunition.

Dual action slide bars extend from the action slide handle to the breechblock and prevent any tendency to bind. The takedown system is simple. and permits easy removal of the barrel. ■

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