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I have a cartridge clip of the type used to load a Manser or Springfield rifle. However, it ha* only a single lug-like projection on either side instead of 2, and it is marked ".35 Cal." Is it for the .35 Whelen cartridge?— H.W.T.

Answer: The clip is for the .35 Remington cartridge, not the .35 Whelen. and it

Whelen Improved

Cal. .35 Remington cartridge clip. Arrow shows single lug-like projection is used for loading the cal. .35 Remington Model 8 autoloading rifle. It can also be used for loading the cal. .35 Remington Model 81 rifle, which is an improved version of the Model 8.—L.O.

Clip Or Magazine

The Ml rifle is described as clip-fed, and the M14 as magazine-fed. I always thought these terms meant the same thing. What is the distinction?

Answer: The basic difference is that a magazine contains a spring-driven follower to feed cartridges and a clip does not. Magazines may be built into a rifle such as the box magazine in Mauser-type bolt actions, or it may be detachable such as the Ml carbine or M14 box magazines. Most semi-automatic pistols have detachable box magazines, commonly, but incorrectly, called clips.

M14 308 Magazine Followers

Ml clip (I.) and M14 magazine. Clip can only hold cartridges, magazine has spring-driven follower to feed cartridges.

There is a wide variety of clips, used mostly to charge the magazines of military bolt-action rifles. The M14 rifle and the Ml carbine magazines both can be charged with clips. The Ml rifle clip is inserted into the action along with the cartridges but the follower mechanism is built into the rifle.—W.E.P.

Remington 521 Parts

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