Colt Ar Rifle

1. Depress the magazine catch button (55) and withdraw the magazine box (1). Depress the handle latch (80) and retract the charging handle (77). Examine chamber to make sure it is clear of a cartridge. Release the charging handle.

2. With the tip of a cartridge push the takedown pin (56) located above the safety lever through the receiver from left to right. The barrel unit may now be "broken open" from the stock In the same way that a double-barrel shotgun is broken open.

3. The buffer body (31) and all its attendant parts are easily withdrawn by pressing down the buffer retainer (26). The buffer assembly Is, of course, under some tension, and care should be exercised In its removal. It is not recommended that the trigger or hammer parts be removed, but their placement is evident with the action open.

4. Withdraw the bolt carrier (67) from the upper receiver (91). This will require the retraction of the charging handle which, after the bolt carrier's removal, can be taken out completely, if required.

5. The bolt itself (69) containing extractor, ejector, firing pin and associated parts, is removed from the carrier by first pushing out the firing pin retainer (63) and pulling the exposed firing pin (62) to the rear and out.

6. Push the bolt to the rear and turn the bolt cam pin (64) until it is free of the bolt carrier key (66) and can be lifted out; with this accomplished, the bolt may be withdrawn and the extractor and ejector retaining pins exposed. Their removal is not recommended, nor is the removal of the three bolt rings (68). These bolt rings should have their openings staggered for best operation of the rifle.

Handguard removal is accomplished simply by pulling back on the handguard slip ring (120) and separating the two handguard halves (97 & 105). Field stripping is now complete, and reassembly is accomplished by reversing the procedure.

Parts Legend

Benelli Raffaello 121 Components

65. Carrier screws (2) 68. Bolt carrier key

67. Boit carrier

69. Bolt

70. Extractor

71. Extractor pin

72. Ejector pin

73. Ejector spring

74. Ejector

75. Extractor spring

76. Extractor plunger

77. Charging handle

78. Handle latch pin

88. Port cover spring

89. Port cover rod

90. Rod retaining ring

91. Upper receiver

92. Port cover detent

93. Detent spring

94. Detent spring retainer

95. Detent retainer

96. Port cover

98. Handguard liner (r.)

99. Liner rivet (10)

100. Barrel

101. Barrel extension

102 Barrel index pin

103. Liner rivet (10)

104. Handguard liner (I.)

106. Front sight post

107. Front sight detent

108. Front sight spring

109. Gas tube pin

110. Front sight housing

111. Sight taper pins (2)

112. Front swivel rivet

113. Front swivel

114. Gas tube plug

115. Gas tube

116. Handguard cap

117. Flash suppressor

118. Lock washer

119. Barrel nut

120. Handguard slip ring

121. Slip ring spring assy.

122. Handguard snap ring

Parts Legend

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