Colt Automatic Pistol

Illustrations by DENNIS RIORDAN. Text by LUDWIG OLSON

Colt's of Hartford. Conn., is among the world's leading suppliers of .25 ACP pocket automatic pistols. Their first pistol of this type was developed by John M. Browning, the famous U.S. arms designer, and introduced in 1908. Approximately 500,000 of this excellent blowback-operated arm were produced.

This pistol was discontinued in 1946. and Colt's did not re-enter the .25 ACP pocket pistol field until 1958 when they introduced the Junior Colt. This was produced for Colt's by Unceta & Co. in Spain.

The 1968 Gun Control Act stopped importation of the Junior Colt, and this Spanish-made pistol was replaced by a .25 ACP pocket automatic introduced in 1970. Called the Colt Automatic Caliber .25, the new blowback-operated pistol was produced by another U.S. firm. It weighs only 121/2 ozs., measures 4-7/16" in overall length, and has a six-round detachable magazine. Its low compact sights are integral with the slide. Also integral with the slide is a serrated rib which extends between the sights.

A mechanical thumb safety on the left side of the frame also serves as a slide hold-open device. Other safety features are an exposed hammer with rounded spur and a magazine safety which prevents firing when the magazine is removed. The exposed hammer makes it possible to tell at a glance whether or not the pistol is cocked.

Although the hammer has a half-cock notch, a moderate pull on the trigger when the safety is disengaged will cause the hammer to drop. The firing pin is independent, but not of rebounding type. With the hammer fully down, it contacts the firing pin which then extends beyond the breech face. It is therefore unsafe to carry the pistol with the chamber loaded and the hammer resting on the firing pin.

The pistol is attractive. Most metal parts have a highly-polished blue finish which contrasts pleasingly with the checkered walnut grips. Inlaid in each grip is a circular plated medallion bearing the Colt trademark. ■

Tikka M690Colt Automatic Calibre DisassemblyColt Automatic Pistol Parts Colt Automatic Pistol Parts

1 Begin takedown by moving safety -L (23) upward to safe position. Depress magazine-catch button (28) and remove magazine (32). Draw slide (10) fully rearward to clear chamber. Safety will engage slide, locking it open. Rotate barrel (1) % turn clockwise and pull forward as far as it will go. Then rotate it % turn counterclockwise and remove from slide.

2 Grasp slide firmly and move safety downward to fire position. Ease slide forward off frame (11). Remove recoil spring (8) and guide (9) from frame tunnel. This is sufficient disassembly for normal cleaning.

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Extractor pin

3. Extractor

4. Extractor spring

5. Firing-pin retaining pin

6. Firing-pin spring

7. Firing pin

8. Recoil spring

9. Recoil-spring guide

10. Slide

11. Frame

12. Sear

13. Sear pin

14. Sear spring

15. Hammer pin

16. Hammer w/strut & pin

17. Hammer-spring guide

18. Hammer spring

19. Grip plate, right

21. Trigger pin

22. Trigger w/disconnector

23. Thumb safety

24. Magazine safety

25. Magazine-safety pin

26. Magazine-safety spring

27. Grip plate, left

28. Magazine-catch button

29. Magazine-catch spring

30. Magazine-catch pin

31. Magazine catch

32. Magazine

40v Firing Pin Assembly

4 Unscrew grip screws (20) and remove grips (19) (27). Rotate safety Vi turn from safe position and withdraw from frame. Drift out magazine-safety pin (25) and remove magazine safety (24) and spring (26). Insert magazine-safety pin in frame hole below disconnector (22). Pull trigger and lower hammer with thumb, until hammer-spring guide (17) stops against the pin.

Disconnector Trap

6 Drift out magazine-catch pin (30) to free magazine catch (31), spring (29), and button. Drift out trigger pin (21), releasing the trigger assembly. Reassemble in reverse. Trigger must be rotated forward to fully compress its internally located spring when the trigger pin is replaced.

Colt Pocket

3 To disassemble further, drive out extractor pin (2) with a pin punch that closely fits hole in slide. Extractor (3) and its spring (4) may then be lifted out. Pry out firing-pin retaining pin (5) with a narrow screwdriver blade inserted under its elongated head. Removal of the pin releases firing pin (7) and spring (6).

Beretta Firing Pin And Spring

5 Unhook forward arm of sear spring (14) from sear (12), and remove spring. Drift out hammer pin (15) and lift hammer assembly (16) from frame. Drift out sear pin (13) and remove sear. Depress hammer-spring guide with punch, and withdraw magazine-safety pin. Then, ease out hammer spring (18) and guide.

7 Cutaway shows relative positions of internal parts. Pistol is pictured with magazine and manual safeties released and hammer at full cock. Parts are number keyed to parts legend.

Pistol Parts Cock

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