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The Crosman Series 150 pistol, produced by Crosman Arms Co., Inc., Fairport, N. Y., uses carbon dioxide (CO:) gas as a propellant, and shoots lightweight, skirted lead pellets from a rifled barrel. Commonly called a CO: Pellgun, this pistol is of single-shot type, and was introduced in 1954. It is produced in cals. .177 (Model 157) and .22 (Model 150).

Unlike pneumatic and spring-type air guns, this pistol has no lever or pump. Liquid COs is contained in a steel cylinder called a Powerlet which is inserted in a tube under the barrel. Pulling the trigger releases the hammer which actuates a valve, and the valve releases a certain amount of gas into the barrel to drive out the pellet. As soon as some of the gas is let out of the Powerlet, more liquid turns into gas and keeps the pressure up. Thus the pressure is constant until the last drop of liquid turns to gas.

This pistol is popular for low-cost target practice, and is well suited for indoor use as it develops relatively low power and very little noise.

Crosman 157Vintage Crosman Pellgun Pistols Parts

1 Before disassembly, exhaust all gas from pistol by successive cocking and firing. Then remove tube cap (53) and take out gas cylinder. Remove the rear and front frame screws (25 & 32). The barrel and tube assembly may now be separated from the grip frame (28)

Crosman 157 Pellgun

2 During disassembly, take care that safety spring (36) and safety spring ball (37) do not drop out of the grip frame and become lost

Rear Sights Assembly

3 Remove rear sight screw (6), rear sight (5). and breech plug (7). Remove the breech bolt screw (10) and slide the breech bolt (12) and the loading sleeve (11) off to the rear

Crosman Breech Screw

Remove hold-down screw (15) and lift barrel (1) off tube (14)

Crosman 150 Hammer

5 From rear of tube, remove hammer assembly consisting of cocking cap (24), tube plug (23). hammer spring (22), hammer (21), cocking spring (20), cocking rod (19), and hammer plug (18). Using a Vs" rod from rear of tube, push valve assembly out forward. Through screw hole in top of tube, drive out thrust pin (58) and then remove small tube plug (17)

Grips Crosman

6 Remove grip screws (55) and right and left grips (56 & 57). Lift sear spring (26) off its guide in grip frame, and remove sear spring head (27). Drift out sear pin (29) from right to left, and remove sear (35). Drift out trigger pin '31) from right to left, and remove trigger ,33) and take-up spring (34). Prior to reassembly, clean and oil all O-rings. Reassemble in reverse order ■

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

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