Daniel B Wesson

Associated with the cartridge revolver

Born—Worcester. Mass., May 18, 1825

Died—Springfield, Mass., Aug 4, 1906

Daniel Wesson, the fourth of 10 children, followed the lend of an older brother and carlv decided to be a gunsmith. Upon completion of his schooling at the age of 18, he became an apprentice to his brother and served as such until 1S46. Thereafter he worked as a journeyman gunsmith for his brother and a manufacturer in Hartford until his brother died in 1850. Wesson took over the business in partnership with another gunsmith, but when the latter retired he gave up the business and entered the employ of Allen, Brown & Luther of Worcester, a firm specializing in gun barrels.

It was while working for Allen, Brown & Luther that Wesson met Horace Smith, and the association of Smith & Wesson began. In his spare time Wesson devoted himself to the improvement of the metallic cartridge and with the help of Smith to the development of a repeating pistol and rifle. The two formed a partnership in 1S53 and manufactured the cartridge and guns until 1S55. when they sold out to the Volcanic Arms Co. After the sale of the business, Smith retired, but Wesson remained as superintendent of the company and continued to work on the metallic cartridge and on the improvement of a bored-through cylinder revolver patent lie had purchased from Rollin White.

In 1857 Wesson persuaded Smith to form a new partnership with him for the manufacture of the new cartridge and revolver. Both were a huge succcss. and the partners brought out frequent models and variations in an attempt to improve their products still further.

Smith retired again in 187 >. but Wesson remained, carrying on the business alone until 188 > when he took his sons into a partnership with him.—Harold L. Peterson.

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