Directions For Assembly

To assemble slide: Insert extractor into slide with its flat side parallel to recess wall and push inward until notch near rear of extractor is opposite notch in right side of recess wall.

(' Place firing pin spring on firing pin and insert assembly into firing pin hole in slide. Depress firing pin with fingertip and at same time insert firing pin stop with its rounded edge up and notch to left. Push upward on firing pin stop until it engages shoulder at rear of firing pin, thus holding firing pin in place within slide. Using hammer strut, depress firing pin to permit movement of firing pin stop upward into final position. End of firing pin should now protrude through hole in firing pin stop. Assemble link to barrel with link pin. {' Insert barrel assembly into slide and engage barrel locking lugs with recesses in slide. ( Insert barrel bushing into slide. Insert recoil spring guide into recoil spring and place assembly in slide with wings on recoil guide toward barrel.

To assemble receiver: Insert trigger. Insert magazine catch. Assemble sear and disconnector together with flat face of disconnector against trigger yoke and sear over disconnector, curved section inwards, lugs pointing to bottom. Insert sear pin from left side of receiver. ([ Replace sear spring and retain in place with mainspring housing inserted Vs" short of final position, f Replace hammer and strut assembly. {[ Lnsert hammer pin. Replace grip safety, f Cock hammer and replace safety lock. ([ Lower hammer and with end of hammer strut in mainspring cap press mainspring housing into place and insert mainspring housing pin.

To complete assembly of pistol: Cock hammer. While holding both slide and receiver bottom side up and with link tilted forward, slide receiver into the slide assembly and insert slide stop, taking carc that slide stop pin engages link. Push forward and inward to engage slide stop. Engage safety to lock receiver and slide together. {[ Place plug over end of recoil spring. Push plug into slide until barrel bushing can be rotated into locked position. | Disengage safety. Insert magazine.

Remove sear pin

Sako Tri Ace Extractor

1 Barrel bushing

2 Slide

3 Barrel

4 Link

5 link pin

6 Extractor

7 Recoil spring

8 Recoil spring guide

9 Plug

10 Firing pin

11 Firing pin stop

12 Firing pin spring

Remington 710 Receiver Insert Assembly

Lift out sear and disconnector. Note relationship of these parts to facilitate reassembly

Remove Browning Power Magazine Safety

Remove trigger

Ol With hammer strut, push in on firing ' pin. At same time place fingernail against top edge of firing pin stop and push downward, freeing firing pin stop from recess in slide

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