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Shotgun Chokes ExplainedWinchester 150 Assembly And Disassembly

The Winchester Model 25 hammer-less slide-action solid-frame shotgun was introduced in 1950. It was made in 12-ga. only, for the 23/4" shell, and was essentially a moderately priced version of the Winchester Model 12 takedown shotgun. The Model 25 was offered in either 26" or 28" barrel lengths with an option of full or modified choke in the 28" length, or improved cylinder boring in the 26" length. Magazine capacity is 4 shells and a wood plug was furnished to reduce the capacity to 2 shells. Weight of the gun with 28" barrel is approximately 8 lbs. and overall length is 41 Va".

The Model 25 shotgun was discontinued in 1957.


Parts Legend

1. Barrel*

3. Magazine band screw

4. Magazine band

5. Magazine lock screw

6. Magazine lock

7. Receiver

8. Magazine

9. Action slide spring

10. Magazine plug

11. Magazine plug screw (2)

12. Magazine spring

13. Magazine follower

14. Breechbolt

15. Firing pin stop pin

16. Left extractor pin

17. Left extractor

18. Left extractor spring

19. Right extractor spring

20. Right extractor spring plunger

21. Right extractor

22. Firing pin spring

23. Firing pin striker

24. Firing pin

25. Buttplate

26. Buttplate screw (2)

27. Receiver shank *

28. Buttstock bolt

29. Buttstock bolt washer

30. Cartridge cutoff

31. Ejector

32. Ejector spring

33. Action slide

34. Action slide sleeve screw cap

35. Guard

36. Guard screw

37. Action slide lock *

38. Action slide lock screw *

39. Action slide lock pivot *

40. Action slide lock spring *

41. Carrier plunger screw

42. Carrier plunger spring

43. Carrier plunger

44. Carrier

45. Cartridge guide

46. Cartridge guide pivot *

47. Carrier spring

48. Carrier pivot

49. Trigger lock

50. Trigger lock plunger spring

51. Trigger lock plunger

52. Hammer pin

53. Trigger pin

54. Trigger

55. Trigger spring

56. Hammer spring

57. Hammer spring guide rod

58. Hammer spring guide pin

59. Hammer

60. Buttstock

61. Action slide handle

* Factory assembly to other major part. Do not disassemble.

Hammer Spring SpecialHammer Spring SpecialBernardelli 1957Hammer Spring Special

ITo properly disassemble Model 25 it is necessary to fabricate 2 special tools. Make Tool A from 6" or 8" bar of Va" x -lío" cold-rolled steel stock. Drill and shape end as shov,n. Holes should be slightly chamfered and all edges deburred.

Make Tool B from an 8" length of tempered steel dimensioned as shown. An old power hacksaw blade is excellent. Grind or file double end to form screwdrivers

4 Remove guard screw (36) and swing guard (35) down out of receiver (inside left wall of receiver shown). Lift out cartridge cutoff (30). With small screwdriver, pry out ejector (31—arrow) at rear of breechbolt (14) in receiver. Slide breechbolt fully rearward and lift out.

Remove buttplate screws (26), butt-plate (25), buttstock bolt (28). and washer (29). Pull off buttstock (60). In reassembly, replace buttstock after replacing guard

2 Remove magazine band screw (3) and slide magazine band (4) forward on barrel (1). Remove magazine lock screw (5) and magazine lock (6) in face of receiver (7). Apply Tool A to lug in front of magazine plug (10) aligning Va" hole in tool with hole in plug. Insert short piece of Va" drill rod (A) and turn out magazine (8) approximately 150°.

Tool is necessary to 'break' tight screw fit of magazine to receiver. Unscrew magazine, with action slide handle (61) attached, from receiver by hand. Pull entire assembly straight forward and free of gun

3 Unscrew magazine plug screws (11), holding magazine plug in place with thumb. Slowly remove magazine plug and grasp magazine spring (12) to prevent its escape. Remove spring and follower (13).

Apply Tool B to action slide sleeve screw cap (34) as shown and unscrew it. Pull off action slide handle and withdraw magazine from action slide (33). Remove action slide spring (9). When reassembling, be sure this spring is on rear side of stop collar on magazine

5 Push back right extractor plunger (20) with small screwdriver and lift out right extractor (21) together with plunger and spring (19). Drift out left extractor pin (16, arrow) from bottom of breechbolt and lift away left extractor (17) and spring (18). Drift out firing pin stop pin (15) and remove firing pin striker (23). firing pin (24), and firing pin spring (22). Reassemble bolt in reverse

6 Unscrew carrier pivot (48). This has a left thread and unscrews right. Remove carrier (44) and carrier spring (47), with cartridge guide (45) attached. Let hammer (59) down slowly and drift out hammer pin (52) from the left. Remove hammer with hammer spring (56) and hammer spring guide rod (57).

Drift out trigger pin (53) and remove trigger (54) and trigger spring (55). Do not disassemble action slide lock (37) assembly from guard as lock screw (38) is 'staked' to lock pivot (39).

To remove trigger lock (49) insert small pin into hole in lock, turn Va turn and at same time push trigger lock out from left to right. Reassemble in reverse ■

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