How Many Rounds Does A Erma Luger 22 Hold


- Luger pistol is extremely popular JL with both collectors and shooters. For many years, there was a demand for a cal. .22 rimfire version of this pistol. and between the World Wars the Erma-Werkc in Germany introduced a .22 caliber Luger conversion unit. In 1964, Erma brought out a .22 pistol which has the same general appearance and size as the German Model 1908 9 mm. Luger. However, these pistols differ from each other mechanically and in several other respects.

Chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge, the Erma pistol weighs 36 ozs. and has a 4-9/16" barrel. Its toggle-joint breech mechanism resembles that of the Luger, but the barrel docs not recoil. The toggle mechanism retards opening of the breech to some extent, and the pistol is thus of retarded-blow-back type.

A manual safety on the left of the frame is pivoted down for engagement. With the safety in this position, the word "GESICHERT" (safe) on the frame is exposed. The magazine holds 8 rounds, and can be removed by depressing the magazine catch on the left side behind the trigger. Many metal parts, including the frame, are die-cast non-ferrous alloy with black finish. The breechblock, barrel liner, and small parts are steel, and the grips are checkered brown plastic.

In 1967, a redesigned version of this pistol designated Model EP was introduced. It features checkered walnut grips and an improved trigger mechanism and firing mechanism. Unlike the older version made for use with high speed ammunition only, the improved pistol fires both high speed and standard velocity cartridges.

A long-barrel version of the Erma was also brought out in 1967. Called the Navy Model ET. this pistol has an

Luger Pistols Mechanisms

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