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Sako Rifle Bolt DisassemblyManufacture Ammunition Assembly

Oy Sako Ab of Riihimaki. Finland, is that country's largest firearm and ammunition manufacturer. Their best-known products are their bolt action center-fire rifles popularized as the Vixen (L-461). Forester (L-579), and Finnbear (L-61). These three types are generally similar but differ in action length. The short action Vixens have been chambered for such calibers as .17. .222, .222 Mag. and .223; the medium length Foresters for .220 Swift, .243, .244, and .308; the relatively long Finnbears for "standard" length cartridges including .270 and .30-'06, medium length magnums—.300 Win. and .338 Win.—and the long .375 H&H Mag.

By decision of the current Sako importers, Stoeger Industries, the familiar, if confusing, nomenclature of the rifles has now been simplified. The Vixen, Forester, and Finnbear names have been dropped in favor of the designations AI. All. and AIII, indicating action length.

Construction and disassembly features of these rifles—regardless of name— are similar.

Basically a modification of the Mauser system, the Sakos have one unusual feature which must be noted. The firing pin is threaded into the cocking piece, and hence its protrusion from the bolt face is adjustable. If the firing pin is removed or tampered with, it must be correctly readjusted and secured bv its locking screw. The factory recommended firing protrusion specifications are from .059"- .071". ' " ■

Mauser Bolt Stop Sight
Assembly 1911 Colt Trigger Mechanism

Parts Legend

1. Bolt complete

2. Bolt stop, complete

3. Trigger mechanism

4. Stock

5. Trigger guard, complete

6. Cocking piece

7. Bolt sleeve

8. Firing pin

9. Firing pin spring

10. Bolt body

11. Bolt guard stop plate spring

12. Bolt guard stop plate

13. Bolt guard strip

14. Bolt guard stop spring

15. Bolt guard strip ring

16. Extractor catch spring

17. Extractor catch

18. Extractor

19. Firing pin locking screw

20. Bolt stop screw

21. Receiver

22. Bolt stop pin

23. Barrel

24. Front sight (not shown)

25. Swivel nut

26. Swivel

27. Butt plate

28. Spacer

29. Magazine follower

30. Trigger guard bushing

31. Magazine housing

32. Magazine spring

33. Trigger guard bottom plate

34. Adjuster screw

35. Adjuster bottom plate

36. Adjuster

37. Sight hood (not shown)

38. Rear guard screw

39. Front guard screw

Disassembly Procedure a wooden surface to prevent parts loss or injury from spring pressure. With a screwdriver, turn the slotted end of the threaded firing pin (8) downward out of the cocking piece (Fig. 5). To reassemble bolt, reverse the above procedure, making sure the firing pin protrusion is between .059'' and .071".

Separating the barreled action from the stock is done conventionally by first removing the front and rear trigger guard screws.

The Sako trigger is factory adjusted for sear engagement, at tempts to change this adjustment could be hazardous and would void the guarantee. Weight of pull and blacklash can be adjusted simply and positively by the owner (Fig. 6). To lessen weight of pull, loosen lock nut (A) and back of screw (B) until desired freight is reached. Retighten lock nut (A). To increase weight of pull, reverse above procedure. Backlash may be reduced, if required, by turning in screw (E). NOTE: Be sure screw (C) and its lock nut (D) are tight before attempting adjustment.

To remove the bolt (Fig. 1). depress the bolt release button on the bolt stop assembly (2) with the left thumb, lift the bolt handle and withdraw the bolt from the rear of the receiver. Hold the bolt body (10) in the left hand and. with the bolt rear pointing up (Fig. 2), turn the bolt sleeve (7) clockwise until it disengages from the body (Fig. 3). Loosen the firing pin locking screw (19) with a small screw driver (Fig. 4). Hold the rear of the firing pin assembly in the left hand with the firing pin point bearing on

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