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Remington Model 1885 & 1899

22lr Bolt Trigger

Model 1885

1. Barrel

2. Receiver

3. Stock(not shown)

4. Bolt Head

5. Striker

6. Mainspring

7. Bolt

8. Cocking Piece

9. Striker Retaining Nut 10. Extractor

11 Extractor Locking


12. Trigger

13. Sear

14. Sear Pin

15. Magazine Catch

16. Magazine Catch Pin

17. Sear and Magazine Catch Spring

18. Trigger Pin

19. Trigger Guard

20. Front Screw. Trigger Guard

21. Tang Screw.


22. Magazine Cutoff Spring

23. Screw. Magazine Cutoff Spring

24. Rear Sight

26. Front Sight

27. Pin. Front Sight

28. Middle Band

29. Front Band with Sling Swivel and

Stacking Swivel

30. Band Retaining Springs (2)

31. Nose Cap. Stock

32. Screw. Nose Cap

33. Ram Rod

34. Retaining Nut. Ram Rod. press fit in stock

35. Buttplate

36. Screws.Buttplate(2)

37. Magazine Assembly

James Paris Lee, born in Scotland.

Aug. 9. 1831, began this design in 1877 at the Remington Armory, llion, N.Y. The patent granted Nov. 4, 1879. was assigned to Remington. In 1882. Remington submitted to the United States Army-Ordnance Board two models of the Remington Lee rifle, the Model 1879 and an improved version which became the Model 1885. Remington was awarded a limited contract for Model 1885 rifles by the Navy Department. They are marked on the top of the receiver ring with U.S.N, over an anchor. The exact quantity delivered is unknown. Efforts to interest the military in the smokeless powder Model 1899 proved fruitless. Remington then tried the commercial market by introducing this system in the form of target and sporting rifles.

Though similar in appearance, the Models 1885 and 1899 are different in nearly every detail. Except for small screws and pins, none of the parts are interchangeable.

Both rifles are cocked by the forward action of the bolt and closing. To engage the safety, grasp the cocking piece with your left hand, press the trigger and slowly allow the cocking piece to move forward until it engages the safety notch. To release from safe, simply pull back the cocking piece. When the safety is engaged, the bolt is locked in the closed position. The detachable box magazine has a capacity of five rounds and is removed by-pressing the magazine catch located in the top of the trigger bow. When the magazine is removed, the magazine cutoff moves inward to block the cutout for the magazine. The rifle can then He loaded and used as a single shot.

Remington discontinued production of the Model 1899 in 1901. In the meantime, Lee had regained his patent rights and proceeded to stimulate interest in this rifle abroad. England adopted his design.

known as the Lee-Enfield, which became the mainstay of the British military. ■

Disassembly Procedure—Model 1885

Remove magazine assembly by depressing magazine catch. Lift bolt handle and slide bolt rearward approximately 1". Insert

Lee Enfield Disassembly

a screwdriver in the slot between the extractor locking spring and the front face of the bolt lug (see figure A). Rotate blade of screwdriver counter-clockwise to force the extractor locking spring forward. Lift out from bolt assembly. Remove extractor by lifting away from bolt (see figure B). Slide bolt rearward approximately half the distance of the opening in the receiver.

Firearms Plan FigureM1885 Remington Lee Rifle

The Model 1885 Remington-Lee rifle In cal. .45-70 was used in trials by the U.S. Navy. The Model 1899 is similar in general appearance but differs in nearly every detail.

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Lee Magazine Rifles

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