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The Franchi semi-automatic shotgun is made in Brescia, Italy, by the firm of Luigi Franchi. The action design is based upon the time-tested Browning long-recoil system. Both steel and lightweight-alloy receiver models are offered in 12- and 20-ga. Standard and magnum chamberings are optional in either gauge. Barrels have chrome-plated bores and are available in 24", 26", 27", 28", 30", and 32" lengths, in ribless, matted rib, and ventilated rib styles.

When this gun is new, or when light loads are shot, the inside bevel of the friction ring should be toward the recoil spring. When heavy loads are shot the friction ring should be reversed so that its inside bevel is toward the friction piece. When magnum gauge models are used with magnum loads, the inside bevel of the friction ring should be toward the friction piece.

The manufacturer suggests that the recoil spring of this gun be replaced after firing from 3000 to 4000 rounds.

Franchi Trigger Problems

1 Disassemble arm by first cocking breechbolt (6) and unscrewing fore-end cap (31). Remove fore-end (94), barrel (1), friction piece (29), friction ring (28), and recoil spring (27). Bring breechbolt forward. Press out trigger guard pins (35) from left side of receiver (24) using a wood dowel. Remove trigger guard (51) by pulling it forward and then down.

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Barrel ring*

3. Front sight and base*

4. Barrel extension*

5. Ejector*

6. Breechbolt

7. Extractor

8. Extractor plunger

9. Extractor spring

10. Firing pin limit stop

11. Operating handle

12. Firing pin spring

13. Firing pin

14. Locking block

15. Link pin

16. Link

17. Locking block lever pin

18. Locking block lever

19. Locking block lever spring

20. Rear nylon ring

21. Rear nylon ring spring

22. Front nylon ring

23. Fore-end cap retaining spring

24. Receiver

25. Magazine tube

26. Magazine tube blocking spring

27. Recoil spring

28. Friction ring

29. Friction piece

30. Friction spring

31. Fore-end cap

32. Magazine spring retaining ring

33. Magazine spring

34. Magazine follower

35. Trigger guard pin (2)

36. Action spring follower

37. Action spring tube

38. Action spring tube fastener

39. Eccentric washer

40. Elastic washer

41. Stock retaining screw

42. Action spring

43. Carrier latch button

44. Carrier latch

45. Carrier latch spring

47. Auxiliary shell latch

48. Magazine shell latch & auxiliary shell latch spring

Assy 43a Auxiliary Gun Sight

2 Hold the shotgun in an upright position and depress the action spring follower (36) in order to release the Link (16) which will swing out by slightly inclining the shotgun. Push the breechbolt forward out of the receiver. The operating handle (11) will drop away as the breechbolt passes through forward section, of the receiver.

49. Magazine shell latch

51. Trigger guard

52. Auto safety spring plunger

53. Auto safety spring

54. Auto safety spring guide

55. Hand safety spring follower

56. Hand safety spring

57. Hand safety

58. Trigger guard pin, large (2)

59. Trigger guard pin detent (2)

60. Trigger pin

61. Auto safety pin

62. Sear pin

63. Hammer pin

64. Hammer spring tube

65. Hammer spring

66. Hammer spring follower

67. Hammer

68. Hand safety retaining pin (2)

69. Trigger

70. Trigger lever retaining pin

71. Trigger lever spring

72. Trigger lever spring ball

73. Trigger lever

74. Trigger lever pin

75. Sear spring

76. Sear

77. Carrier spring stem pivot point

78. Carrier spring

79. Carrier spring stem

80. Carrier spring retaining washer & detent

81. Left carrier plate

82. Carrier dog spring follower

83. Carrier dog spring

84. Carrier dog

85. Carrier

86. Right carrier plate

87. Carrier dog spring guide pin

88. Auto safety

89. Buttplate

90. Buttplate screw (2)

91. Pistol grip stock

92. Pistol grip cap

93. Pistol grip cap screw

94. Fore-end

* Permanent factory assembly to other major part. Do not disassemble.

Franchi Semi Stock Removal

3 Remove buttplate screws ($>0) and buttplate (89). Unscrew stock retaining screw (41) using long-shanked screwdriver and remove elastic washer (40), eccentric washer (39), and stock (91). Grasp action spring tube (37) firmly and unscrew action spring tube fastener (38) maintaining steady inward pressure to prevent acuon spring (42) from flying out. Remove spring and spring follower.

Luichi Franchi Spring

4 Carefully pry out magazine spring retaining ring (32) and remove maga zine spring (33) and follower (34).

Smg Trigger Mechanism

5 Disassemble firing mechanism by first drifting out upper hand safety retaining pin (68). Remove auto safety spring guide (54), spring (53), and plunger (52). Then drift out auto safety pin (61) and lift out auto safety (88). Drift out trigger pin (60) from left to right and remove sear spring (75). Remove forward trigger guard pin detent (59) and slide large trigger guard pin (58) out forward. Lift away carrier (85) and attached parts. Drift out sear pin (62) and remove sear (76). Lift out trigger (69). Drift out hammer pin (63) and remove hammer (67). Further disassembly of firing mechanism is obvious. Reassemble in reverse.

Browning Cal Firing Pin Fitting

6 Disassemble breechbolt by pushing out firing pin limit stop (10). Withdraw firing pin (13) and firing pin spring (12). Push out locking block lever pin

(17) and remove locking block lever

(18) and spring (19). Rotate locking block (14) and remove it together with link from breechbolt. Insert small screwdriver between extractor (7) and plunger (8), depressing plunger and unhooking extractor. Release pressure on screwdriver slowly and remove plunger and extractor spring (9). Reassemble arm in reverse. ■

Etienne Arsenal Pistol

French Model 1936 Rifle

Adopted by France in 1936, the . Model 1936 cal. 7.5 mm. bolt-action rifle was introduced to replace the series of cal. 8 mm. Lebel and Berthier bolt-action rifles.

The Model 1936 rifle was developed and manufactured by Manufacture D'Armes St. Etienne, a French Government Arsenal in St. Etienne. The initials of the manufacturing arsenal are stamped on the receivers of Model 1936 rifles adjacent to the model designation. Thus, the unofficial but commonly accepted designation for this arm is MAS Model 1936. A folding stock version made for use by airborne troops is designated Model 1936 CR .39.

The rimless cal.. 7.5 mm. Model 1929 C ball cartridge is assembled with a 139-gr. pointed bullet and its muzzle velocity in a 19.6" barrel is 2690 f.p.s.

The Model 1936 rifle can be loaded through the top of the receiver with 5-round stripper clips. The striker mech anism cocks on opening of the bolt. Dual locking lugs on the bolt engage locking recesses within the receiver bridge. Handle of the bolt is bent forward to place the knob opposite the trigger. The firing pin assembly is concealed within the bolt, and there is no visible means of determining whether the action is cocked or not. There is no mechanical safety or magazine cutoff.

Magazine box is integral with the receiver. Cartridges enter the magazine in staggered fashion and are forced upward by the follower and follower spring which are attached to the magazine floorplate. The magazine floorplate assembly is readily detached from the action by depressing a spring plunger.

Other notable features of the Model 1936 rifle are the cruciform needle bayonet housed within the fore-end. the separate buttstock and fore-end, and the simple, effective means of adjusting the aperture rear sight for elevation.


Trigger Elevation Shotgun

IThe trigger controls the bolt stop-ejector (25). To remove the bolt, pull it to the rear and pull back hard on the trigger (26). To raise or lower the rear sight, push the rear sight leaf (4) down and move the rear sight slide (7) to the desired position.

Luigi Franchi Brescia 20ga

Parts Legend

1. Handguard

2. Fore-end

3. Bayonet

4. Rear sight leaf

5. Rearsightpin

6. Rearsight spring

7. Rearsight slide

8. Barrel and action

9. Front band

10. Front band screw

11. Middle band

12. Middle band screw

13. Handguard support

14. Follower

15. Follower spring

16. Floorplate

17. Latch pin

18. Latch spring

19. Floorplate latch

20. Sear pin

21. Sear spring

22. Sear

23. Bolt stop spring

24. Trigger pin

25. Bolt stop-ejector

26. Trigger

27. Bolt

28. Extractor

29. Firing pin

30. Firing pin spring

31. Bolt head

32. Trigger guard

33. Guard screw

34. Buttstock

35. Buttplate screw (2)

36. Buttplate

Mauser Trigger Guard Lock Screws

2 To disassemble the bolt, push in on the bolt head (31) and rotate it clockwise until the letter "D" on the bolt head lines up with the line on the bolt (27). Do '

this carefully, since the bolt head is under spring tension. With the bolt head out, the firing pin spring (30) and firing pin (29)

can be removed.

Extractor Bolt Action Disassembly

3 The extractor (28) does not rotate around the bolt. It is machined to fit into a dovetail slot in the bolt. To remove the extractor, push it out as shown until the small boss on the extractor is clear of the hole in the bolt. Then pry the extractor up and out of its slot. To replace the extractor, tap it in with a brass or plastic hammer until it stops. Then push the boss clear of the bolt face and drive it down until it snaps into place.

Karabiner 98k Suppressor

4 To further disassemble the rifle, it is necessary to make a special tool to remove the screws. Grind a screwdriver as shown in the insert. The 2 prongs must fit the notches in the screw head. Then the screws can be removed in the same manner as a normal slotted-head screw. Push in small latch to remove the bayonet (3) from its socket. ■

The most successful of several German semi-automatic rifles introduced during World War II was the Model 43 cal. 8 mm. Mauser developed by the Walther Arms Co. Initially designated Gewehr 43 (Rifle 43) and later Karabiner 43 (Carbine 43), this rifle was used principally for sniping. It is well suited for this as it is very accurate, is adapted to a detachable 4X scope, and shares the advantage, with other semi-automatic rifles, that there is no body motion required for operation of the action that might betray the firer's position.

The simple, effective gas system of this rifle is like that of the Soviet Tokarev semi-automatic rifle. It is above the barrel, can be easily disassembled without tools, and is unusual in that the piston is fixed and the cylinder movable. The 10-round magazine is detachable and can be loaded singly or with two 5-round clips. The nonrotary bolt with forward dual locking lugs was copied from the German Model 41 (W) rifle. Made separate from the bolt, the lugs are cammed into and out of locked position by the firing pin housing which is actuated by the bolt carrier. This is a rather complex system, but it works well.

There is no provision for attaching a bayonet to this rifle, and the fore-end is relatively short like a sporter. Despite the short fore-end, the rifle is fairly heavy because of its laminated beechwood stock. The weight, however, feels less than it actually is because of the favorable weight distribution.

Made strictly for utility, all except a few early Model 43 rifles appear very crude, and show evidence of hasty manufacture. It is obvious that this rifle was designed for cheap, easy manufacture. It employs many sheet steel parts. No attempt was made to smooth several of the exterior metal parts, but a fairly good finish was employed where required for proper functioning. Despite this lack of refinement, this rifle is serviceable and efficient, and well suited for the job it was intended to perform.

Franchi 9mm Shotgun

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