Rifle Upper 100 Magazine

1 Press magazine catch (40) forward and remove magazine (39). In replacing magazine, insert upper front portion all the way into opening in stock, and then swing rear upward until latched. Pull bolt carrier (24) to rear as far as it will go and press inward on right side of bolt carrier latch (20) to engage latch with shoulder on bolt housing (26). Rotate safety (28) all the way right to engaged position. Press forward on rear recoil spring guide (17) with thumb as shown, simultaneously lift rear of bolt assembly and remove from receiver. Rifles of later manufacture do not have the bolt carrier latch. To disassemble, remove magazine, cock rifle by pulling bolt carrier to rear and letting it go forward, engage safety and, while holding bolt carrier about .4" to rear, press forward on rear recoil spring guide, lift upward on rear of bolt housing and remove from receiver. Pull the bolt carrier to the rear, remove the bolt carrier and bolt from the receiver, and lift the carrier off bolt

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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