Hammer And Trigger Assembly Parts For Series Model Rioo Only

To date the Sentinel has been offered in 2%", 3", 4", and 6" barrel lengths and in several finishes, including traditional blue as well as full nickel, turquoise, gold, and pink. Grips are of brown or white plastic, with the latter also available in smooth finish to simulate natural ivory. The 2Ys" Snub-Barrel Sentinel is regularly furnished with modified hammer spur and quick-draw front sight to eliminate snagging when drawing from the pocket.

Cylinder Assembly Drawings

To swing out cylinder (11) for loading, pull ejector rod (7) forward and thence left. This is also first step for disassembly

Spur Cylinder Ejector

O Next insert a small hardwood dowel into ^ hole in front portion of frame (2) to depress link pivot pin (15). Pull cylinder assembly left until wood dowel prevents any further movement left. Withdraw dowel and place thumb over hole in frame. This will prevent cylinder stop spring (16) and link pivot pin from flying out of the hole as cylinder assembly is separated from the frame

Revolver Trigger Parts

Up-end the revolver and shake out the link pivot pin and cylinder stop spring

Dowell Rod Exercise

A Loosen or remove grip screw (28) and ~ drift out hammer pivot pin (9) with small flat-nosed punch. Entire trigger guard (26) and assembly may now be removed from frame. All internal parts are now exposed. Exercise care when executing this portion of the disassembly thot cylinder stop (17) does not drop out and become lost

Model Cylinder Stop Spring

C Reassembly is accomplished in reverse ** order. When reinserting the cylinder stop spring (16) insure that it slides onto arm portion (A) of cylinder stop; otherwise it becomes jammed and may be deformed ■

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Frame

3. Rear sight

4. Front sight set screw

5. Front sight

6. Barrel pin

7. Ejector rod

8. Crane

9. Hammer pivot pin

10. Cylinder bushing

11. Cylinder

12. Cylinder lock plunger spring

13. Cylinder lock plunger

14. Cylinder lock plunger pin

15. Link pivot pin

16. Cylinder stop spring

17. Cylinder stop

18. Hand spring

19. Hand

20. Trigger

21. Hammer safety stop

22. Trigger pivot pin

23. Ejector alignment dowel

24. Ejector

25. Grip

26. Trigger guard

27. Grip lock washer

28. Grip screw

29. Hammer

30. Hammer pawl spring

31. Hammer pawl

32. Hammer pawl pin

33. Hammer sleeve

34. Trigger spring

35. Hammer spring guide

36. Hammer spring

Hammer and trigger parts specific to Model R-100

37. Hand

38. Hammer

39. Hand spring

40. Trigger spring plunger

41. Trigger spring

42. Trigger

Washers Trigger Assembly

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