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For years, High Standard has manufactured the widest range of .22 caliber autoloading pistols of any handgun producer.

Not only has High Standard produced a wide variety of guns, they have kept pace with the times and demands of shooters and handgun lovers.

High Standard started production of their first automatic during the depression. This gun, the Model B. looked a great deal like the dcfunct Hartford pistol produced between 1929 and 1930. But it was well made and priced a good deal below its competitors, so it caught on. Since the Model B they have kept up a steady stream of new models to delight the shooter and confuse the gunsmith.

By E. J. Hoffschmidt

E. J. Hoffschmidt has an extensive background as a gunsmith, engineering draftsman, and researcher, with a particular interest in automatic pistols.

Standard Pistols Model

Remove the magazine, check the chamber to be sure it is empty. Pull the slide (I) to the rear until it stops. Depress the assembly lock plunger (N) and push the slide forward. Now depress the takedown latch (V) and pull the slide back off the frame

High Standard Model

Because the mainspring is powerful, it must be kept in check when removing the hammer (Z) and sear (NN). To do so, cock the hammer and insert a thin pin into the hole in the back strap. Release the hammer and drive out the hammer pin (X) and the sear pin (W)

The Model HB shown here is really the original model with an outside hammer added. It makes an ideal plinkcr, for it is comparatively small and compact. Its outside hammer is an excellent safety feature, since you can tell at a glance whether the gun is cocked. And a safety that locks the sear makes it all the safer. As a target gun it suffers from a short grip, but as a fishing or hunting companion the reverse angle on the grip makes for easy removal from a coat or trousers pocket. With a 4!/2-inch barrel, it weighs only 31 ounces, light enough to stick in your pocket and forget about.

To remove the extractor (D), first remove the extractor retaining pin (H). Then insert a thin screwdriver or pointed tool, as shown. Push the extractor plunger (E) back into the slide. Now remove the extractor (D) by rotating it in toward the firing pin

Standard Model

The trigger (OO) can be removed only after the pull pin (QQ) has been driven out. Insert a thin drift pin into the hole above the trigger pin. Move the trigger a bit until the drift is seated in the hole in the trigger. Drive out the pull pin (QQ), then the trigger pin (PP)

Standard Spring

To replace the sear, push the sear spring (CC) and plunger (BB) back into the frame far enough to be caught through the opening for the takedown lever. While holding the plunger as shown, replace the sear (NN) and sear pin

Like other current .22 caliber automatics, Hi-Standards are blowback operated, since the .22 cartridge does not develop enough pressure to require a more involved lock breech mechanism. Hi-Standard pistols are generally well made and finished. While they are easy to repair, care must be taken in ordering parts, since in the hammer gun series there are three different hammers and five different sears.

It is interesting to note, and a problem to proofreaders, that it's "High Standard" when referring to the manufacturer and "Hi-Standard" when referring to the gun. 0 0 0

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