How to Clean a Gun with Household Items

Many people own firearms for protection. If you work in the police or army, you will need to keep firearm as part of your job. Whatever the reason is, you need to make sure that it is maintained well. Over time, dust and other debris may accumulate, and the gun may rust. So, you need to clean it from time to time to make sure that it functions well. You can find many gun cleaning kits on the market. You can check this comprehensive review site for gun related items. You can also take your gun to a service center. But you can also clean it easily at home. Here you will know how to clean a gun with household items.

Why is cleaning gun important?

After you fire, your gun residues like carbon, copper, plastic, and lead are left in the chamber and barrel. The more you fire the gun, more residues start to build up. These residues come from the bullets and powder. Sweat and weather can also make the gun rust. This way the metal parts of your gun can get damaged. So, the next time you fire your gun, it might not work properly.

Rust can eat through the metal, causing severe damage. You need to lubricate your gun from time to time and also keep it dust-free. So, regular cleaning of your gun is necessary to keep it in the best condition.

How to clean a gun with household items?

You need a number of things to clean the gun at home. You should first get these things ready before you start cleaning your firearm. Here are the things you need.

  • A cleaning cloth or paper towel
  • Knife or scissor to cut
  • Thin stick or rod that will go down the gun’s barrel
  • Gun oil or any oil

Apart from these, you also need a rifle cleaning mat. These mats are specially designed for cleaning guns. These mats are leak-proof; so oil won’t leak through the mat. Even grease won’t leak, and it can be removed easily. The mats are big, so you can put all your gun components there. You can also place the gun oil or other cleaning solvents on the map. So, this way your table won’t be dirty.

Cleaning process

It won’t take much time to clean. But you will have to be very careful while cleaning. So, make sure there is no distraction when you are cleaning the gun. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Take out your gun cleaning mat and lay it on a table.
  • Take out all your bullets from the gun.
  • You should separate all the parts so that you can look into them closely for cleaning.
  • You clean the bolt in its whole, barrel and the chamber.
  • Take the cloth or rag and cut small squares of cloth. The pieces should be small enough to fit into the barrel.
  • Use the leftover cloth to clean the gun components. Dip some gun oil or any lubricating oil in it.
  • Then wipe the barrel with the moist cloth to get rid all the residues and dirt. Wipe till it’s shiny.
  • Clean the chamber also the same way. You should put some oil on the small square pieces of cloth and insert it into the chamber. Use the thin stick or rod to insert the small pieces of cloth inside and then out to clean the barrel. Continue it till all dirt come off.
  • Then use the unused part of the cloth to wipe out any excessive oil. Clean the interior parts of the chamber too.
  • Your gun should be shiny. You should then check that it’s unloaded and make sure that it’s assembled accurately.

You should clean your gun whenever you feel that residues may build up. Some people clean the gun after every shooting session; whereas, others clean it after a long time. The frequency of cleaning also depends on the type of gun you are using. Some guns need regular cleaning while others don’t.

Cleaning gun is a simple task. But you have to do it carefully. Some people find it therapeutic and relaxing to clean guns. There are also people who like to break down the gun and reassemble it. They have fun doing it. So, after breaking it down, all they need to do is take a piece of cloth, dip some oil and clean it.

As gun is a machine, it is always better to clean it on a regular interval. This way the gun will remain in good condition. It will be fully functional, and you will be able to accomplish your task without trouble.

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