Hungarian Model

Parts Legend

1. Front sight

2. Slide

3. Extractor pin

4. Extractor

5. Extractor spring

6. Firing pin spring

7. Firing pin

8. Barrel

9. Recoil spring guide

10. Recoil spring

11. Ejector

12. Disconnector

13. Hammer

14. Hammer strut

15. Spring follower

16. Hammer spring

17. Plunger

18. Trigger spring

19. Hammer spring housing

20. Grip safety

21. Right grip

22. Sear

23. Sear spring

24. Housing retaining pin

25. Hammer pin

26. Sear pin

27. Disconnector & ejector pin

28. Magazine latch

29. Latch spring

30. Lanyard loop

31. Magazine

32. Lanyard pin

33. Magazine catch and housing pin

34. Trigger bar

35. Left grip

36. Grip screw

37. Trigger

38. Slide stop

39. Trigger pin

40. Frame

Introduced in 1937, the Hungarian Model 1937 (M37) automatic pistol was chambered for either the .32 ACP or the .380 ACP. Action is of Browning blowback design with exposed hammer. Magazine is detachable.

Slides of prewar M37 pistols are generally marked "FEMARU-FEGYVER-ES. GEPGYAR R.T. 37M." Translated this means Metalware, Small Arms and Machine Works, Inc. Model 37. Following the German occupation, this Budapest firm was integrated into the

German war economy and the M37 pistol in cal. .32 ACP was adopted by the Germans as a substitute standard military pistol. Slide markings were changed to "Pistole M37, Cal. 7.65 mm." plus the "jhv" code and a 2-digit numeral to indicate year of manufacture. On many guns the inscription "Kal." is found instead of "Cal."

M37 pistols made under German supervision have a manual safety in addition to the grip safety. The manual safety is lacking on prewar M37 pistols.

ITo strip the M37, first step is to be sure gun is unloaded. Pull slide (2) to rear until slide stop (38) engages rear notch as shown. Rotate barrel (8) and pull it out of slide. Then release slide stop, ease slide off frame, and remove magazine.

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