Action Bar Assembly

NN. Loading door pin

00. Loading door

PP. Loading door plunger (2)

QQ. Loading door spring (2)

RR. Carrier dog spring screw

SS. Carrier dog spring

TT. Carrier dog

UU. Cartridge dog pin

W. Cartridge dog

WW. Cartridge dog spring

7 Hold hammer (B), pull trigger (J), and ease hammer forward. Force rear end of mainspring (D) forward and insert small pin through hole in end of mainspring rod (C) to hold mainspring forward on rod. Drive out hammer bushing (A). Remove hammer with mainspring rod and mainspring attached. Pull out small pin and remove mainspring from mainspring rod. Drive out hammer pin (E) to disassemble hammer from mainspring rod. Remove carrier (F), trigger spring case (G), and trigger spring (H). Drive out trigger pin (I), and remove trigger. Drive out safety plunger pin (K), and remove safety spring (L), safety plunger (M), and safety (N). Drive out timing lever pin (0), and remove timing lever (P) and spring (Q).

8 Drive out extractor pin (AA), and remove extractor (BB) and extractor spring (CC). Drive out ejector pin (DD). Remove retractor (EE), retractor plunger (FF), and retractor spring (GG). Then, remove ejector (HH), ejector rod (II), firing pin spring (JJ), and firing pin spring guide (KK). Pull back and disassemble firing pin, rear (MM), and firing pin, front (LL).

Breechblock Assembly

AA. Extractor pin

BB. Extractor

CC. Extractor spring

DD. Ejector pin

EE. Retractor

FF. Retractor plunger

GG. Retractor spring

HH. Ejector

II. Ejector rod

JJ. Firing pin spring

KK. Firing pin spring guide

LL. Firing pin, front

MM. Firing Pin, rear

Ar7 Rifle Extractor
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