Weatherby Mark V Bolt Disassembly


The Weatherby Mark V bolt-action center-fire rifle was introduced in 1958. Action of this rifle is of basic turn-bolt type with locking lugs on the forepart of the bolt engaging locking recesses within the receiver ring. There are 9 locking lugs in 3 series approximately 120° opposed. Bolt lift required to unlock the action is only 54° as against 90° for the ordinary dual-lug turn-bolt action. Lug portion of the bolt head is the same diameter as the body, which eliminates the necessity for locking lug raceways in the receiver. The bolt has no guide ribs or lugs to align and retain it within the receiver. This is done by the bolt stop stud which rides in a groove cut in the bolt body. Cocking is done on opening of the bolt.

An interesting feature in this action is the deep counterbore in the face of the bolt which is designed to shroud the cartridge head. The breech face is in turn counterbored to enclose the bolt head and this counterbore provides near maximum support of the head of the cartridge case.

Rear of the cocking piece is shrouded by the bolt sleeve to provide a gas protection feature. A cocking indicator bar extends from under the bolt sleeve when the action is cocked.

The Mark V rifle was initially made with major action parts machined from investment castings, but forgings are now used. The safety was formerly located to the right of the receiver tang, but is now mounted in the bolt sleeve. The bolt body was formerly smooth, but now contains several longitudinal flutes to reduce friction and act as troughs for dust and grit.

Weatherby Mark Trigger Drift Pins

1 Commence disassembly by opening bolt and withdrawing rearward. Pull trigger (31) as far as possible and remove bolt from receiver (3). Engage step of cocking piece (15) on edge of bench and move it rearward approximately Vs". Rotate cocking piece onto its engaging shoulder in bolt sleeve (13, arrow)

Assembly For Shoulder Screws

2 Unscrew bolt (4) from firing pin assembly. After one or 2 turns of bolt, remove firing pin retaining ball (14) through helical opening in bolt. Use tweezers to facilitate this

Mauser Pistol Firing Pin Retainer

3 With bolt now removed from firing pin assembly, release cocking piece from its engaging shoulder. It will move forward into slot in bolt sleeve. Place lug of firing pin (11) in small vise with padded jaws, and using cotton waste to protect hand, unscrew bolt sleeve from firing pin, maintaining a steady pressure against firing pin spring (12) to prevent parts from flying when firing pin disengages from cocking piece. When reassembling, be quite sure that the retaining ball (14) lies on the flat of firing pin

Retaining Pin For Mk19

4 Remove extractor (6), or ejector (9), by first drifting out extractor (ejector) pin (7 or 8). Leave drift punch in hole

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