Extractor cam

Obsolete Cylinder Pin Gun

ITo remove cylinder (9) of old model, open gun for enough for exfroctor to snap back into cylinder. Pull back on cylinder and revolve it counterclockwise to free it from the barrel

Extractor Pin M82a1

2 To remove extractor (10), hold extractor stem (6) in a padded vise. Insert a few empty cases part way into chambers and turn cylinder counterclockwise. It may be necessary to insert a pair of brass rods as shown to of-ford a better grip on cylinder

Revolving Firing Pins

3 To remove firing pin (29), grind on old screwdriver into a 2-pronged tool. Stone prongs to fit into holes in firing pin bushing (32). Screw out bushing and remove firing pin and firing pin spring (31)

Makarov Trigger Assembly

4 Reassembling the top-break can be simplified by using slave pin. Assemble parts outside gun with pin (arrow) slightly shorter than trigger guard width. Insert assembly in frame and drive pin through frame, to drift slave pin out other side-■■

Old Shotguns With Trigergard Breckdown

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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