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Blueprint Plan Hammer Action Rifle

Remove the magazine and cock the hammer. Pull down the latch located in front of trigger and pull the slide fully to the rear.

With the slide now fully retracted it may be lifted and removed from the frame. Further disassembly is not recommended.

Astra Models 400 and 600 Pistols


Astra Mod 400

The Spanish-made Astra Model 400 (Model 1921) semi-automatic pistol is a blowback-operated arm. That is, the breech is not locked in firing. A locked breech is usually considered necessary to handle the more powerful 9 mm. loads, but in the Model 400 pistol the opening of the breech is delayed through the use of a heavy slide and a powerful recoil spring.

The standard Astra Model 400 pistol will fire either the 9 mm. Largo (9 mm.

Parts Legend

1. Barrel bushing lock

2. Barrel bushing

3. Recoil spring

4. Slide

5. Extractor

6. Extractor spring

7. Firing pin retainer pin

8. Extractor retainer pin

9. Firing pin spring

10. Firing pin

11. Firing pin extension

12. Barrel

13. Hammer

14. Sear

15. Sear spring

16. Safety catch detent

17. Detent spring

18. Slide stop

19. Slide stop spring

20. Hammer pin

21. Right grip

22. Grip safety

23. Grip safety spring

24. Magazine catch

25. Grip safety pin

26. Magazine catch stop

27. Upper spring plunger

28. Hammer spring

29. Lower spring plunger

30. Magazine

31. Frame

32. Trigger pin

33. Trigger

34. Trigger bar pin

35. Trigger bar

36. Trigger bar spring

37. Spring plunger

38. Safety catch

39. Magazine safety pin

40. Magazine safety spring

41. Magazine safety

42. Left grip

Bergmann) cartridge or the .38 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge.

During World War II the German Army obtained the Astra pistol in cal. 9 mm. Parabellum (9 mm. Luger). This gun is known as the Model 600 and has the inscription "PIST. PATR. 08" stamped on the barrel opposite the ejection port in the slide. Model 600 pistols used by the German Army have the German Ordnance acceptance mark on the right side of the grip overhang. After

World War II, 14,000 Model 600 pistols were sold to West Germany for police use. It is also offered commercially.

There are several safety features in the Models 400 and 600 pistols. A thumb safety locks the trigger and slide, and a grip safety locks the sear. A magazine safety blocks the trigger when the magazine is removed.

Disassembly procedures for the Models 400 and 600 pistols are essentially identical.

M16 BlueprintFiring Sequence CartridgeEjection Port Remington 870

1 Mechanically, the Models 400 and 600 are similar. The Model 600 is V4" shorter. The front-to-back grip depth is less in the Model 600 because of the shorter cartridge it fires. Most parts are not interchangeable but the takedown sequence is similar.

4L-shaped retainer pins (7 & 8) retain the extractor (5) and the firing pin extension (11). Remove pins by prying up with a small screwdriver or punch. When reassembling firing pin spring (9), firing pin (10), and firing pin extension (11), align cut-out on the firing pin extension before inserting the retainer pin (7).

Extension Assembly Firing Pin

2 To field strip for general cleaning, first clear chamber and remove magazine (30). Pull slide (4) to rear, then rotate safety catch (38) up as slide is moved forward until catch engages slide. Rotate barrel (12) as shown, until it is released from frame (31) and engaged with slide. Release safety catch and move barrel and slide forward off frame.

5 Remove the 4 grip screws (43) and the grips (21 & 42). Replace magazine (30) in frame. Insert punch through hole in frame below trigger bar (35). Hold hammer (13) with thumb and pull trigger, allowing hammer to fall until upper plunger (27) stops against punch. Remove magazine. Drift out hammer pin (20) from left side and remove hammer. Hold upper plunger with drift and remove punch. Remove upper and lower plungers (27 & 29) and hammer spring (28). (Model 600 has no lower plunger.)

Astra 400 Slide Release

3 To disassemble, first clear chamber and remove magazine. Place pistol, muzzle up, on table. Depress barrel bushing (2) with magazine floorplate or screwdriver. Turn barrel bushing lock (1) either way until it holds barrel bushing. Grip barrel bushing and lock firmly with both hands and turn lock about l/4-turn, releasing recoil spring (3). Remove recoil spring, bushing, and lock. Barrel and slide are removed from frame as in field stripping.

5 Most Model 400 pistols have magazine catch as shown here. Remove magazine catch stop (26). Drift out grip safety pin (25), remove grip safety* (22), and push out magazine catch (24) in direction indicated. It is unnecessary to remove side magazine catch on late Models 400 and 600 pistols. ■

Astra Model 400 Pistol

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