Operating handle plunger retainer

74. Operating handle spring

75. Piston

76. Piston seal

77. Receiver assembly

78. Safety

79. Safety detent ball

80. Safety spring

81. Safety spring retaining pin

82. Sear

83. Sear pin

84. Sear spring

85. Stock

86. Stock bearing plate

87. Slide buffer

88. Trigger

89. Trigger pin

90. Trigger plate

91. Trigger plate pin bushing

92. Trigger plate pin detent spring, front (2)

93. Trigger plate pin detent spring, rear

94. Trigger plate pin, front

95. Trigger plate pin. rear

Winchester 94ae Trigger

These arc among sc eral favorable features of gas-operated arms.

Magazine capacity in most versions is four shells. However, a plug furnished as an accessorv can be installed in the magazine to reduce total capacity of the gun to three shots as required by Federal Migratory Bird Regulations.

Most metal parts of the Model 1100 are steel with a high-luster blue finish on exposed surfaces. The well-proportioned stock and large hand-filling fore-end are mostly American walnut with Du Pont RK-W gloss finish noted for

Action Bar Assembly For Rem 1100

ITo field-strip for routine cleaning and lubrication, engage safety (78) on safe, and unload gun. Unscrew and remove magazine cap (64). Slide fore-end (46) forward and remove. Pull barrel (10) forward from receiver (77).

2 For further disassembly, cock gun and close action. Tap out trigger plate pins (94) (95) from either side. Lift up and remove trigger plate assembly from receiver. When reassembling, guide disconnector (37) carefully into receiver to avoid damage.

3 Remove operating handle (71) by pulling it to the right out of breech-bolt (12).

its durability. Impressed checkering on the pistol grip and fore-end is in a fleur-de-lis pattern, and the receiver sides and breechbolt are decorated with scroll-type roll engraving. The butt-plate and grip cap are black plastic set off by white-line spacers. There are also versions fitted with a recoil pad.

Piston Sealing Assembly

4 Remove barrel seal (11), piston (75), and piston seal (76). With action fully forward, depress feed latch (42) at A, and pull action bar (1) at B with breechbolt forward. Action bar sleeve (2), action bar, breechbolt with locking block (63) attached, and fore-end support (47) can now be disassembled from gun.

Caliber Bxn

5 Link (62) can be removed after action bar at A is moved forward for disassembly. Squeeze sides of link lightly at rear with long-nose pliers, and pull forward to separate from action spring follower (4) at B. Tilt slightly to remove from gun.

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