To adjust gas cylinder, remove stock end cap screw (52), slide stock end cap (54) forward and remove it. Lift forward end of front hand guard (25) and slide forward out of lower band (50). Turn gas adjusting sleeve (26) right to increase gas pressure; left to decrease. Cases must eject smartly, but not violently. Cutaway shows relationship between assembled parts. Rifle is loaded and cocked, bolt cammed down against receiver locking shoulder. Parts are number keyed to parts legend.

IMake certain that the rifle is un: loaded. Insert a cartridge nose in channel at rear of magazine box (65), pry back magazine catch (59) and remove magazine. Press front end of follower (53) downward until its rear hook disengages from the magazine box. Then, ease out follower and follower spring (66).

3 Pull operating handle back until bolt carrier guides align with dismount cuts in receiver. Lift off carrier and bolt (16), and separate by pulling bolt rearward out of carrier.

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