How To Remove The Plug In A Remington Model 11-48

Friction Ring

1 Before disassembling the Model 11-48, engage safety (52) on safe by pushing to right, and unload magazine and barrel. Red band marking will not show when safety is on. Unscrew magazine cap (45) from end of magazine tube (A). Pull fore-end assembly (29) forward and remove from gun.

Remington Model Magazine Tube

O Pull barrel assembly (8) forward and ^ separate from magazine tube and receiver (50). Friction piece (32) will remain in barrel guide ring (B).

Trigger Plate Assembly

4 Barrel assembly and breechbolt may or may not be removed from gun to take out trigger plate assembly. Close action if breechbolt is not removed. Cock hammer, engage safety on safe, and tap out trigger plate pins (68) (69). Lift out trigger plate assembly. Shell latch (59) will fall free of receiver.

Remington Model 1148

5 Lift rear of breechbolt. Tap firing pin retaining pin (27) downward and disassemble firing pin (26) and firing pin retractor spring (28) from rear of breechbolt. Lift breechbolt from slide. Tap out locking block pin (44). Lift locking block from slide. Separate links from slide after removing link pin (42).

Remington Operating Handle

7 Replace breechbolt assembly into receiver from the front. Align slide with channels in receiver. Push assembly rearward into receiver and locate rear of both links in action spring follower (2). Insert operating handle in handle slot in breechbolt.

Remington Sportsman Mods

8 Wood plug to reduce total capacity of gun to three shots as required by Federal Migratory Bird Regulations, may be installed after removing magazine cap and prying out magazine spring retainer (48). Take care in doing this as magazine spring is under tension. Position wood plug as shown and replace parts. ■

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