Push link forward and remove barrel from front of slide

Q With hammer " cocked, rotate safety lock almost to "On" position. It can now be pulled to left and away from receiver

Remove slide stop 7 Pu" r*ceiv«r 9r°uP .,to reor w and oft slide. Recoil spring guide can now be lifted out desirable in a target weapon. Thus. Colt in 1933 introduced their National Match .45, which is the same basic pistol machined to closer tolerances, with specially selected barrel and optional adjustable rear sight, and precision-fittcd lock work. It enjoyed considerable popularity, but was discontinued during World War II. It was reinstated in the Colt handgun line in 1957 as the Colt Gold Cup iNational Match model.

Good scores attainable

Most U. S. marksmen now have their commercial or military .45's 'accurized' by one of the several experienced pistol-smiths specializing in this type of work. Scorcs obtainable today with such pistols would have been considered fantastic 20 years ago.

A modern variation of this basic

Browning-Colt pistol is the Colt Commander, featuring frame and slide of lightweight Coltalloy. With a ?/»-inch shorter barrel and weighing 26Vi ounces as compared with 39 ounces for the Model 1911, this model was particularly designed for those who prefer lightweight but powerful handguns. Although not at this time an official Service arm, its development by Colt engineers was undoubtedly sparked by the present Service trend towards lightweight and miniature equipment. The demands of modern warfare have stimulated this type of development engineering, and we can be thankful that civilian manufacturers are often independently engaged in such costly research projects. Their unselfish efforts have helped to give the U.S. Serviceman some of the finest combat weapons available in the world today.

Abn Machine Gun Repeating Weapons

Remove hammer pin

Lift out hammer assembly

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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