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the threaded-shank system used on center-fire rifles of this model. A few Model 1873 rifles were chambered on special order for the cal. .22 extra long rimfire.

The Model 1873 was the first repeating rifle made in this country for the .22 rimfire cartridge and was the first rifle made by Winchester for a center-fire cartridge. The receivers were made originally of forged iron, later changed to steel. Standard barrel lengths were 20", 24", and 30", but other barrel lengths were available on special order.

The Model 1873 was an eminently successful rifle and especially on the frontier. It did much to establish the prestige of the Winchester firm and remained in production until 1919.

Disassembly Procedure

Open the rifle action to be sure chamber, carrier block, and magazine are unloaded. With magazine assembly and buttstock removed as outlined in Figs. 1 and 2 proceed as follows:

Remove side plate screw (5) and remove right and left hand side plates (3 & 4) from sides of receiver (1). Lift right and left link assemblies (49 & 50) off link pins (19 & 24) and out of receiver. Drift out front link pin (24) and remove firing pin retractor (25) from underside of breech pin base (21). With hammer at full cock, breech pin piston (firing pin, 20) may be drawn to rear out of breech pin base (21) and out of receiver (1). Remove breech pin base from receiver. Remove finger lever spring screw (14) and carrier lever spring screw (16) from underside of receiver and remove finger lever spring (13) and carrier lever spring (15) from receiver.

Place hammer in fired position and unscrew finger lever screw (18) and 2 side tang screws (17). Pull rear end of lower tang (27) downward and remove tang from underside of receiver along with finger lever (46) and carrier lever (47). Note that forward end of carrier lever fits into slot through bottom portion of carrier block (48). Drop carrier block out bottom of receiver.

Lower tang parts, hammer (28), mainspring (34), safety catch (37), etc., arc easily disassembled by drifting out respective pivot pins and removing screws which retain springs. Mortise cover is removed by removing mortise cover stop screw (10) and sliding cover rearward and separating it from mortise cover stop (9).

Reassembly is accomplished in reverse. When replacing assembled lower tang (27) keep hammer (28) in full forward position and place carrier lever (47) inside receiver with its front end in place in slot in carrier block (48). Assemble the tang with finger lever (46) in place into bottom of the receiver.

Savage Manual

ITo disassemble magazine assembly from barrel, remove magazine plug screw (59) and magazine plug (58). Withdraw magazine spring (60) and follower (61) from magazine tube to front. Drift out magazine ring pin (56) and draw magazine tube (57) out of receiver and fore-end to front. Remove 2 fore-end tip screws (64) and remove fore-end tip. Remove forearm tip tenon (54) and fore-end (62). Reassemble in reverse.

Buttstock Buttplate

2 To remove buttstock assembly from receiver, remove upper tang screw (26) and lower tang screw (45). Pull buttstock off rear of receiver. Buttplate is removed by unscrewing buttplate screws (67). Buttplate slide (68) is removed by unscrewing buttplate slide spring screw (70) and removing spring (69). Reassemble in reverse.

Winchester 1873 Lower Tang

3 This longitudinal section through the rifle shows all parts of the action in proper relationship. The rifle is shown here just after firing with an empty cartridge in the chamber and next cartridge ready in carrier block (48). Lowering lever (46) pulls link assembly (50) down, drawing breech pin piston (20) and breech pin base (21) backward while carrier lever (47) raises the carrier block with next cartridge up to the chamber as empty cartridge is ejected through top of the receiver. ■

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